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Band Amsterdam  (NL) Benjamin Fro - Liveband

Benjamin Fro - Liveband

Band, rap/hiphop

Benjamin Fro is a singer/rapper from Amsterdam who raps on danceable tracks with committed lyrics. His musical influences include Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper and Noname but his message is similar to that of Bob Marley, Logic and...

€ 1.000,-

Band Houten  (NL) CoolConnect (J.Dilla tribute)

CoolConnect (J.Dilla tribute)

Band, rap/hiphop

Coolconnect J.Dilla tribute band. Connects the cool, so what do you get if you take jazz chords,soundscapes and hiphop beats. Spice them up with keys, guitar, baseguitar and vocals? Loads of coolness. To listen, to swing shake or rave,...

€ 200,-

Band Amsterdam  (NL) Apelazerus


Band, coverband

We play the songs you know, but differently. The six-piece band brings a live spectacle where rock, funk, hip hop and everything else, effortlessly blend together

€ 600,-

Band Leiden  (NL) About Half

About Half

Band, rap/hiphop

"About Half" is an energetic trio that incorporates a hip mix of funk, jazz and indie rock into their music. The repertoire consists mainly of original songs.

€ 250,-

Band Zwolle  (NL) Oost Wanted

Oost Wanted

Band, rap/hiphop

A sold-out show in Hedon Zwolle, showcases at various major festivals and various visits to radio station 3FM later no one can go around Oost Wanted anymore

€ 600,-

Band Rotterdam  (NL) Wizard & VirgilVurr

Wizard & VirgilVurr

Band, rap/hiphop

Wizard & VirgilVurr create a furore with the (Summer)HIT Swing. The music industry is nothing new for rapper/MC VirgilVurr. and DJ Wizard. As MC of Def Rhymz Virgil has more than 10 years of stage experience at home and abroad.

€ 399,-

Band Haarlem  (NL) Maestro Mikel & The Donkey Corridor

Maestro Mikel & The Donkey Corridor

Band, rap/hiphop

The personal lyrics of rapper Maestro Mikel, accompanied by live musicians, make every performance slightly different.

€ 1.000,-

Band Hoevelaken  (NL) Groove Community

Groove Community

Band, rap/hiphop

You have to book the Groove Community if you want a great party.

€ 800,-

Band Rotterdam  (NL) Rubah


Band, soul/r&b

Triphop meets soul and then somewhere in between. Rubah sneaks between the lines of theatre and concert. An act you can't ignore and demand attention for. Uncatchable but captivating until the last second

€ 400,-

Band Antwerpen  (BE) David Jahmill

David Jahmill

Band, rap/hiphop

David Jahmill is an urban artist who has a penchant for live instruments and who produces live with his live band MamaNaFanta for an unseen energy and "vibe" on stage!

€ 800,-

Band Vleuten  (NL) IMPACT


Band, rap/hiphop

IMPACT is known from the hit 'Zak Omlaag' (+1million streams spotify) and the album 'Aura' IMPACT has previously done shows in Suriname, Portugal, Belgium, Spain & NL with international artists such as Shaggy, J. Alvarez, Mr. Vegas....

€ 1.509,-

Band Hilversum  (NL) DeVisie


Band, rap/hiphop

This progressive hip/hop and rock band provides a great performance with their own sound. DeVisie made it to the finals of the pop round in Scheveningen in 2016. Book now the band DeVisie on ShowBird!

€ 500,-

Band Arnhem  (NL) OOSTCOAST


Band, rap/hiphop

This lively music group makes music that is danceable, melodic and raw. They will give you a hip hop performance with funky tracks and swinging beats.

€ 425,-

Band Wetteren  (BE) The Grassroots Movement

The Grassroots Movement

Band, rap/hiphop

This Flemish twelve-piece band combines energy and musicality and strengthens this through the strong friendship the musicians have with each other. They radiate this pleasure on stage and therefore they are always the perfect band for...

€ 1.500,-

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