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Music & Showband Inszpire

Band , Party
The artist is residing in Rotterdam

€ 550

act price ex 9% VAT

Music & Showband Inszpire
Music & Showband Inszpire
Music & Showband Inszpire
Music & Showband Inszpire
Music & Showband Inszpire
Music & Showband Inszpire
Music & Showband Inszpire

4+ (group) performers



1 hour

minimum 5x3m (In consultation)


Good dynamics with a normal pace and good balance between rest and swing moments, are these things you want at your party? Then it's time to get INSZPIRED! Discover the different music styles this band offers you.

In this day and age, quality or quantity is no longer a consideration but a requirement of both.
Inszpire consists of a team of driven musicians with a simple vision: ''making music''

Which we don't want;
Don't chop
Not on the express train to Paris
Don't want to be more technical than Messi.
(All these points we leave to our esteemed colleague bands who do this better than us. So if you're looking for just such a band don't read any further)

What we do want;
Good dynamics
Normal BPM (tempo)
And a good balance between rest, and swinging moments.

Price: €550 per hour ex vat ex technique --> technique can be provided by VSL sound for €550 per evening.

All this goes hand in hand with a nice price so that quality and quantity are guaranteed.
Inszpire is aimed at a wide audience. Therefore we have chosen for balance in the vocal part.

The variation in music styles provide the necessary diversity. Inszpire's musicians complete the picture, taking you back to the past, but also the music styles of today pass in review.

Gathered by vision, brought together by unity and by listening to you.
Two friends took the initiative after years to finally take a step, make music in a different way and look. But that required research. That there is one too short of festive occasions FEIT. That one chooses alternatives to cost FACT. That there is a lack of variation in bands FACT.

That there are only a few authentic bands left FEIT. That one prefers live music FACT Only a few facts that many people come across. Basically, there is a lack of inspiration! Often when you can't remember, inspiration helps to come up with solutions. With this the basis was laid for our name and slogan

if you don't know... GET INSZPIRED

Bhatwaan, muran, Chrakarma, Sanskaar



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or his/her personal manager.
Do you have a question about this act?
Pose it in your request for the artist.

The artist is residing in Rotterdam

Doe een vrijblijvende aanvraag bij artiest

€ 550,-

act price ex 9% VAT

The request is non-committal.
Artist will respond with question/proposal.
After that, you can complete the booking.

Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

Doe een vrijblijvende aanvraag


Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

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