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Typical Dutch: Barrel Organ Dolls

Actor , Character
(3 reviews)
The artist is residing in Amersfoort

€ 975

act price ex 9% VAT

Typical Dutch: Barrel Organ Dolls
Typical Dutch: Barrel Organ Dolls
Typical Dutch: Barrel Organ Dolls
Typical Dutch: Barrel Organ Dolls
Typical Dutch: Barrel Organ Dolls
Typical Dutch: Barrel Organ Dolls

2 (duo) performers

Indoor and outdoor


4 hours

In consultation


HELP! Our dolls have come to life... This real Dutch act even participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. Looking for a professional and eccentric performance? Then you have come to the right place!

These barrel organ puppets have come to life! They move doll-like but with flair. Set up these dolls as a reception act or have them roam the streets! They carry a bell and drum and wear insanely beautiful costumes.

Very fun for a Dutch theme!

-2 persons
-Also bookable as Duo with own Theatre Organ 'De Komediant' for €1.350 (excl. 9% VAT and travel expenses 0,35 cents per km.)
-Performance times: 3 x 40 minutes within a half day of maximum 4 hours.

Theater Orgel 'De Komediant' can be set up in different possibilities:

-At an event two puppets with the entire barrel organ including music. One walks past it.

Dutch Organ Theatre
-Extension that is attached to the organ set; the back part becomes a small theater.
-Here is a short performance of +/- 5 min. +/- 8 people at a time.
-Nice for parade/event/themaday.

-Where guests can pass through to enter the event.
-Live barrel organ puppets stand in front of the set.

Issue counter
-Ticket sales, candy, talk from behind the organ counter, etc.

Theme organ
-Whether it is Christmas or with the theme of Dutch painters, etc. The organ can be extra decorated for a particular theme.
-Also at company presentations, director's farewell.

Are those those crank organ puppets from the song contest?
Mimes Pietro & Floor were invited by the organization of the Dutch entry (TROS) to participate in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. The entry is the song "Sha la lie" written by Father Abraham and was performed by singer Sieneke. 3 minutes of adrenaline boost on the stage of the Telenor Arena in Oslo, where 125 million people from all over the world watched!

This was followed by the presentation of the Golden Television Ring in Royal Theater Carré where Pietro and Floor were featured during the song 'Twitter Tweet', accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra. Here with their own theater organ 'De Komediant'.

Floor van der Poort is a quirky and versatile singer and theater maker and has been a performing artist for about 12 years.

In the field of mime and entertainment, she has already done many beautiful performances with her company BellaMime.
Mostly together with her father (mimeplayer PIETRO) who is also an artist and mimeplayer.
He has shown her that it is possible to practice a creative profession.
For example, Peter and Floor were seen as mimes with Sieneke during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, they performed during the presentation of the Golden Television Ring in Carre, and for Queen Beatrix.

After the release of her self-written musical theater song 'Alone' Floor had more than 1000 views within a day, and was then invited to sing her song LIVE at 3FM, after which she even WON the 3FM contest on Herman Hofman's item!
Floor is with her self-written song 'I Am' on the CD Knalland, and was a guest of Giel Beelen and others.
Knalland was also a guest at De Wereld Draait Door.

Floor has always had a great urge to create something unique.
Her greatest passion, singing, she has continued to develop in recent years.
Partly thanks to the Vocal and Dance Academy in The Hague where she learned to develop as a solo artist in the direction of musical theater.
In this genre she finds the opportunity to combine all her qualities.

From performing in self-made costumes to small songs that touch.

Besides her own existing acts, Floor is also willing to make a custom-made act or take on any type of character. If you have any special wishes please mention it with the request.

Festival, Promotion, Into, Holland, Turn, Organ, Live, Music, Pop, Live, Spectacular


Door 3 klanten beoordeeld met een gemiddelde score van 10

Joure - actief.

, Joure - actief.


Top performance

Despite the inferior weather conditions, it was a wonderful show. Thanks !

Coördinator act kerstengel.

, Coördinator act kerstengel.


Nice show from Christmas Angel!

During the Alphen Christmas Walk 2023, Floor van der Poort ( the Christmas Angel) put on an unforgettable act! Dressed in a magnificent costume, which was also illuminated from head to toe, Floor gave the walking audience a fairy-tale Christmas experience. Gracefully she moved (on her stilts!) between the walkers; all to - by Floor herself brought- ( Christmas) music. Floor is an artist "pur sang"; she knows her possibilities and limits but at the same time she is open to the wishes of her client. It was a pleasure for the organization to work with Floor. Highly recommended in all respects!


, Marjan



Satisfied with both performance and communication. Floor herself is also a nice person.

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The artist is residing in Amersfoort

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€ 975,-

act price ex 9% VAT

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Artist responds normally within 2 hour.

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