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Actor , Living statue
The artist is residing in Neeroeteren

€ 480

act price ex 9% VAT


1 (solo) performer



4 hours

In consultation


A mannequin you don't just walk past! Attract the attention of your audience with this lifelike mannequin, which is not so fake that it seems... A spectacular living statue!

Most people casually walk past a mannequin, but this one is special because it moves. Patrick plays the role with verve, a static pose and a blank stare make him look just like a real doll. Astonishment ensues when he suddenly adopts a different pose. Some spectators initially think they are dealing with an electrical gadget. Only after thorough observation does it turn out that the mannequin is made of flesh and blood!

This mannequin will be dressed according to the wishes of the client (possible extra costs will be charged). The act can also be booked as a street theatre act, in which case the mannequin walks around and suddenly stiffens. Although the public can usually see him walking, they often doubt whether he is real... or not...

This act is based on a performance of 4 x 40 minutes. Mileage compensation is calculated from Neeroeteren. Leave your specific wishes in the request!

The living statue also has a name and is called Patrick van Horne. He is over 30 and a teacher by profession. This pedagogical background makes it easy for him to stand in front of groups and animate them. Patrick has been doing animation since 2000, first as a clown, later the statues and walking acts were added. Patrick about his motivation:

"Acting and animating is in your blood, it always gives a kick to bring a successful act. I regularly try out new ideas, which is how the living statue came about. That seems easy, but it is subtle and dosed work. You want interaction with your audience, so you have to feel it perfectly."

In 2012 Patrick decided to quit as clown Patje, in order to be able to put enough energy into his living statues and walking acts. Since then, Patrick has proven that he has earned his spurs. With the living statue of the textile geek he won the Belgian championship in 2008 and in that same year he became 2nd at the BeNeLux championship in Lommel. The act 'I wood be (a statue)' also won prizes: in April 2014 Patrick won with this act the festival Borne op z'n Best (Nl.) ánd he obtained a third place at the living statue festival in Tegelen (Nl.). After that I Wood be a statue became first in Den Bosch, in Maastricht and Belgian champion living statue 2014. As icing on the cake I Wood Be a Statue was allowed to walk away with a 2nd prize at Worldstatues 2014 in Arnhem.

In 2015 Patrick succeeded himself as Belgian champion with the act 'His past, mine past'. He was not only named the best Belgian statue, but also won the first prize of all participating statues.



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The artist is residing in Neeroeteren

Doe een vrijblijvende aanvraag bij artiest

€ 480,-

act price ex 9% VAT

The request is non-committal.
Artist will respond with question/proposal.
After that, you can complete the booking.

Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

Doe een vrijblijvende aanvraag


Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

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