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Actor , Stilt-walker
The artist is residing in Merchtem

€ 2.400


4+ (group) performers



1,5 hour

In consultation


This is not a normal stiltwalker act but in the form of a fight. Very cool and separate for every party or event. Give your event a nice element and book the stilt fight on ShowBird.

On special occasions such as the Brussels Ommegang and Merchtem Op Stelten we do a real stilt fight. The stiltwalkers fight each other on one meter high stilts with the aim of dropping the other one. Whoever stays up the longest, is the winner. During the stiltwalk the (mostly young) stiltwalkers get the chance to show their agility, strength and stamina.

Price variation:
The mentioned price is for a performance of 3x half an hour.
If you would like different durations, please mention this in the request.
For events further than 100 kilometers extra travel costs will be charged.

The group consists of about 100 people including about 60 stiltwalkers. The height of the stilts reaches from 1 to 4 meters below the foot measured. The flag goes first. Immediately followed by the block runners. Their blocks or clogs are fastened per three or four pairs on two parallel planks or skilates. A vibrant music section accompanies the block and stiltwalkers. All participants wear folkloric clothing in the Belgian tricolour. The association has members of all ages. Through active youth work the youth is well represented. The musicians are followed by the stiltwalkers. The group is closed off by the ladder bearers. The group was founded in the spring of 1945 on the occasion of the local liberation procession. The stiltwalking is a reminder of a very old custom. Almost every year, the Molenbeek flooded the hamlet of Langevelde. Cut off from the outside world, the inhabitants could only reach the village centre of Merchtem on stilts. In winter, when the weather was very frosty, the crossing was done with clogs or sliding boards. The block walkers illustrate this use from the cold winter days of yesteryear. What started as a curiosity soon grew into a world-renowned folklore group.



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The artist is residing in Merchtem

€ 2.400,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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