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Actor , Living statue
The artist is residing in Nijmegen

€ 500

act price ex 9% VAT


1 (solo) performer

Indoor and outdoor


2 hours



This living statue uses her body to delight guests: With her bronze but supple drapery she puts her body in extreme positions, flirts in the meantime and keeps a sharp eye on things. All with the charm of a true empress. It's best to bend down for a moment.

This act was commissioned by Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, where the world famous statue 'Agrippina' was exhibited in April 2015. She was one of the most powerful women the Roman Empire has known: direct descendant of Emperor Augustus, adopted granddaughter of Emperor Tiberius, sister of Emperor Caligula, wife of Emperor Claudius, mother of Emperor Nero. An ambitious, intelligent woman, with knowledge of the political game and great influence in front of and behind the scenes. Often described in literature as ruthless, manipulative, shrewd, power-hungry, dominant, and knew how to use her body to gain influence.

The act is performed on a pedestal.

This living statue will appear 3x40 minutes within a time frame of 4 hours.



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The artist is residing in Nijmegen

Doe een vrijblijvende aanvraag bij artiest

€ 500,-

act price ex 9% VAT

The request is non-committal.
Artist will respond with question/proposal.
After that, you can complete the booking.

Artist responds normally within 8 hour.

Doe een vrijblijvende aanvraag


Artist responds normally within 8 hour.

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