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Media training Robert-Jan Knook

Speaker , Communication / Media
The performer is residing in Hoorn (Noord Holland)

€ 950

act price ex 21% VAT

Media training Robert-Jan Knook
Media training Robert-Jan Knook

2 hours


Learn what to say or not to say when you are ambushed by the media or asked to explain news. A hands-on training in which you gain insight into the working methods of reporters and learn how to best represent yourself and your company. Ideal for anyone who wants to appear professional in the media.

"Learned a lot and laughed a lot. Robert-Jan knows how to put you into practice as a student and lets you feel where you fall into pitfalls, how you recognize them and how you are in control of an interview. An experienced and expert trainer who appreciably enjoys the learning process"

You are aware that you may be caught off guard by the media at any time when something newsworthy happens to your company, institution or association. You know when your organization is in the negative news to prevent further reputational damage and learn to use media moments in a positive way. You understand the speed and pitfalls of social media.

For whom?
For anyone representing a company, organisation, institution or association. Professionally or as a volunteer. You wonder how best to act when you come into contact with the media. You want to know what you can or cannot say when you are approached by reporters and how to act when you are being filmed

The training
The training consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. Knook first teaches you who the media are, what media there are, what the media do and especially what exactly is new. Then we practice your skills through practical situations to survive every 'ambush' as well as possible. By means of simulations (possibly with a camera) you will get a feeling for how reporters work and how you speak to them professionally. You will also learn how to deal with the fact that these days you can be filmed anytime, anywhere. In these days of Twitter and Facebook, you are the business card of the company or organisation you stand for, even outside working hours.

What is media?
What media is there?
What's new?
Dealing with the media
Communication protocol
Crisis management
Taking advantage of media moments

Custom made
Custom made for groups or '1 on 1'
On location or in-company

2 hours or 3 hours



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The artist is residing in Hoorn (Noord Holland)

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€ 950,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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