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The Pansectirapti

Actor , Parade
The artist is residing in Amsterdam

€ 707

act price ex 9% VAT

The Pansectirapti
The Pansectirapti
The Pansectirapti
The Pansectirapti
The Pansectirapti
The Pansectirapti
The Pansectirapti

4+ (group) performers

Indoor and outdoor


1 hour



These strange creatures have come into the world but no one knows what they are. Are they aliens, insects or reptiles? They're so odd, everyone's quiet.

Note: Price & time are indicative! Are you interested or would you like to receive more information about the possibilities and prices, make a booking and discuss your wishes!

Pansectirapti. Yeah, what are they? Aliens? Insects? A strange people, that's for sure. They move very slowly, with their strange feet. Accompanied by the alienating sound of a soundscape, specially made for this act by Wendel Kos from SMF Studios.

For now, no one knows who or what they are. How they came to Earth is still a mystery. These strange creatures crashed, during one of their voyages of discovery, and they have no idea how to get back. They'll have to make it here on Earth for the time being. Since humans are clearly the rulers of this world, some Pansectiraptri have mutated themselves into a species closer to humans. In this way, they hope for greater understanding. But they're also looking for ways to survive and hatch their eggs... The characters of the Pansectirapti are diverse. Of sweet and cute,
wicked and comical, slow and stupid, strangely fishy to wise and scattered, everything passes and one cannot help but close these creatures in the heart, with a giggle and a chuckle...

The complete parade consists of 11 people:

5 Pansectirapti Full-blooded (large heads):
Drago, Mafusso, Cameleo, Langnek and Froggy
5 Pansectirapti half-bloeds (small heads):
Draga, 2 Dragon Girls, 2 Butterfly Girls
1 man crew
1 handcart
1 tricycle with extraterrestrial fruit on the back



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The artist is residing in Amsterdam

€ 707,-

act price ex 9% VAT

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