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Singer (male) , Rap/Hiphop
The artist is residing in 's Gravenhage

€ 550

act price ex 9% VAT


1 (solo) performer

Indoor and outdoor

Singer (male)

30 min

Prefer a raised stage with enough room t


Archi, a rapper of which most people in 2021 knew (almost) nothing about. Now this artist blows the Netherlands away by TikTok within 3 months to reach 15 million views!
An artist with certainly a sense of humor, a unique music sound varied on different types of Hip-Hop, Rap, Afro and even Pop music. In short, Archi is a name that you will definitely see passing by in the music world soon. Book now!

The Hague artist Archi started making music in late 2020 and his first track immediately hit the 10K streams within a week! That was a reason for Archi to do something with this and he then released one track after another. Archi ended 2021 with a nice spotify list with some nice (small) hits and a nice, fanatical fanbase.
But out of nowhere the fame of this artist exploded in January 2022 when the artist decided to put all the crazy things he experiences in his life online on TikTok. This worked out well for this artist as he receives hundreds of thousands to Millions of views per video.
The fans of Archi can have a nice look into the life of the artist and get to know him better.

Since Archi went viral he decided to go into the studio non-stop and make (unreleased) hits that no one expected from him! The mean thing is: Archi only released "Loco" for valentine's day and otherwise threw everything in the freezer.
Why, you'll probably be wondering....
Archi is busy launching these projects in May with the most beautiful clips and the best promotions. Archi's 10 thousands fans on Snapchat have seen the songs pass by and have been waiting for months!
These projects range from Old School Hip-Hop to Afro hits and clearly shows Archi's unique sound.

The unique sound Archi wants to create he doesn't just do it.... Since 2022, Archi has decided not to listen to music anymore and focus fully on his own sound. With this he makes sure that he creates an original voice and music which does not adapt to other artists or songs.

After 2 years in the music business Archi and his management decided to start giving shows from April/May! After many meetings and appointments he has now come to a conclusion to release himself more to the outside world. This is especially since the artist is going to come up with all kinds of new projects in May that are going to influence his music career big time.
Since Archi wants to keep his face anonymous and only release it in the future, giving shows was more difficult. But EVERYTHING is possible. So if he wants to blow the show over he will!
During Archi's act he will also be performing some of these unreleased projects live as it will definitely get fans hyped up for what is to come!
Archi may bring a number of other artists featured on his tracks (for free) to add even more color to the show.
From emotional songs to club bangers Archi is going to blow the whole party upside down.
With during the act a perfect interaction with the audience by combining his humor with the act.
An unforgettable night for the audience!

In short, do you want no roof? BOOK NOW for Archi for only € 550,- AND FREE TRAVEL COSTS!
(From June / July, the prices go up to €850, -)



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The artist is residing in 's Gravenhage

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€ 550,-

act price ex 9% VAT

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Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

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