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Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Benjamin Fro - Spoken word

Benjamin Fro - Spoken word

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Benjamin Fro is a philosophical rapper who, besides making catchy raps, can also speak very beautifully and grippingly. When Benjamin speaks, the audience is silent and the listeners are made to think. Benjamin gives all his listeners a...

€ 500,-

Speaker Haarlem  (NL) Raymond Mens - Americas Expert

Raymond Mens - Americas Expert

Speaker, politics / governement

Raymond Mens (b. 1986) is an America expert and political scientist. He is a much sought-after speaker on American politics and author of several books. Raymond comments on developments from the United States on radio and television, such...

€ 4.000,-

Speaker America  (NL) Impact speaker | Joey Litjens

Impact speaker | Joey Litjens

Speaker, sports / performance

Joey Litjens was known as the Max Verstappen of road racing and seemed destined for the top, but had to climb up from a deep valley after a bad crash. A raw and inspiring story about racing, a bad crash, addiction and getting back up...

€ 1.450,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Keynote Sustainable Business Fashion | DU

Keynote Sustainable Business Fashion | DU

Speaker, climate / sustainability

Ubachs takes his audience on a journey through the fashion industry. He shares his experiences with his audience in an authentic, fresh and driven way. Ubachs is a pioneer in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship in the fashion...

€ 1.750,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Danny Mekić as a speaker

Danny Mekić as a speaker

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Technology expert Danny Mekić helps your organization reinvent itself. He knows everything there is to know about business, technology and innovation. His unique humor and knowledge combined with his young age make for an engaging and...

from € 5.750,- from

Speaker Doorwerth  (NL) Frank Bouman: Innovation through History
Showbird's choice

Frank Bouman: Innovation through History

Speaker, human interest / behavior

The solution to the problem you have has already been found, you just don't know when and by whom. I do! I help your organization face today's challenges through a historical perspective. After all, people from history ran into the exact...

€ 950,-

Speaker Oostvoorne  (NL) Surprise and change....

Surprise and change....

Speaker, business / management

René Boender is Brainagent, Author & Keynote Speaker! René has been a sought-after speaker for over 15 years. The world is his playground (Valencia, Dubai, Monaco, NY, LA, Perth, Milan, Davos). René is involved as a brain-agent in...

from € 5.495,- from

Speaker Doetinchem  (NL) Lectures / Mentalism: Jarno Smit

Lectures / Mentalism: Jarno Smit

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Speaking about his profession as a mentalist, Jarno di Parno is trusted. If you want to know more about how we perceive, Jarno will open up a new world for you. How do we influence perception (?), can we be distracted (?), do we look well...

€ 1.035,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Speaker Maurice de Hond

Speaker Maurice de Hond

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Maurice de Hond is a Dutch pollster and entrepreneur. He enjoys speaking about entrepreneurship and politics. As of now, he is also booking on ShowBird. Make a request without obligation!

from € 2.500,- from

Speaker Nootdorp  (NL) Formula Female by Ria Visser

Formula Female by Ria Visser

Speaker, sports / performance

This inspiring presentation by Olympic speed skater Ria Visser is like Yoga for your Mind. Unravel the mystery behind the female brain and discover how you can function and perform optimally.

€ 650,-

Speaker Schilde  (BE) Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work

Speaker, human interest / behavior

In his well-known passionate way, Bart De Bondt takes listeners on the path to greater employee happiness. He explains why having happy employees is important and how to achieve it. The talk is based on his bestseller.

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) Feike Cats: Entertaining can be done by anyone

Feike Cats: Entertaining can be done by anyone

Speaker, business / management

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! Over the past years Feike Cats has had the opportunity to look around at many clients and help them implement Klanthousiasme. The results were mixed. If you look at why one...

€ 2.950,-

Speaker Essen  (BE) Speaker - Unconscious Influence

Speaker - Unconscious Influence

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Looking for the perfect ending to your conference? You're looking for the ideal kick-start to your seminar or meeting? Then this keynote is the perfect solution tailored to your audience! Speaker Dominik Messiaen knows how to play and...

€ 2.750,-

Speaker Utrecht  (NL) Charles Groenhuijsen: Speaker

Charles Groenhuijsen: Speaker

Speaker, arts / culture

Charles Groenhuijsen is the author of several books on various subjects. As a speaker he discusses a wide range of client issues. Both economy / politics related topics as leadership, personal and business.

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Bilthoven  (NL) Paul Janmaat: Haka

Paul Janmaat: Haka

Speaker, human interest / behavior

An active experience of team spirit and connectedness that lingers for a long time.

€ 1.153,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) Feike Cats: Customer Focus

Feike Cats: Customer Focus

Speaker, marketing / sales

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! The presentation Customer Orientation in Practice is full of directly applicable tips & tricks for everyone within the organization. From receptionist to management. You...

€ 2.950,-


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