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When is my data saved?
Your information is saved, at the moment you make an account on Showbird. By creating an account you have agreed upon Showbird's User Conditions and Privacy Statement.
To be precise, here's the list with activities at which your data is saved:

Creating a user account on Showbird
Filing a request for an act.
On you private (secured) pages:

  • My personal profile
  • My requests listing
  • My favorites listing
  • My chats listing

Creating an artist account on Showbird
Sending a proposal for an act.
On you private (secured) pages:

  • My personal profile
  • My agenda availability
  • My gigs listing
  • My chats listing

Creating an agent account on Showbird
Sending a proposal for an act.
On you private (secured) pages:

  • My agent profile
  • My Artist personal profile
  • My Artist agenda availability
  • My Artist gigs listing
  • My Artist chats listing

Who has access to my data?
Showbird employees only have access to the data that is required for executing tasks belonging to their specific role in our organisation.
We make use of services companies to execute or complete our services.
Think of IT suppliers, sms messaging services, analytics, payment providers, etc.
Also for marketing purposes we cooperate with supporting parties: data management-platforms, research bureaus, mail partners, retargeting services.
Mentioned relations are only allowed to use the information for Showbird service related purposes.
They have a so called DPA (Data Processing Agreement) with Showbird.

Where is my information saved?
Your private data is saved in several databases within the European Union.
Non personalized data, f.i. for Google Analytics, is sometimes kept outside the EU.

How long is my data saved?
Showbird stores personal user data until the user indicates that the data should be deleted. For inactive accounts, the data is proactively removed by Showbird. This happens regularly, but no later than 5 years. If a transaction has taken place via Showbird, the data will be kept for the benefit of the financial administration, as long as the tax law prescribes this.

What information of mine is saved?
You can log into your personal environment and see for yourself which data has been stored. But you can also request access to Showbird. Of course we check whether the request is made by yourself, before we send an overview with the information we have about you.

Do you have any further questions or remarks about privacy? Please send a message to our privacy officer via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Of course, you could also send us a letter:
Showbird BV, Att. Privacy Officer, Laan van Vredenoord 25, 2289DA, Rijswijk, The Netherlands.

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