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DJ Almere  (NL) $hirak


DJ, allround

$hirak, the producer to whom a.o. Lil Kleine, Ronnie Flex, Boef and Brotherly Love owe a number of big hits! The producer / beatmaker / DJ can be booked through ShowBird . Hire Shirak today for every party.

€ 4.495,-

DJ Rotterdam  (NL) Turntable Tim - 80's, 90's & 00's DJ
Golden tip

Turntable Tim - 80's, 90's & 00's DJ

DJ, allround

Looking for a cool DJ for your 90's and 00's party? Then you don't have to look any further! DJ Turntable Tim has become an expert in playing 90's and 00's music on all kinds of occasions.

€ 300,-



DJ, allround

This DJ & Entertainer brings more energy and experience! Can be used both as an opener and as a main act. More experience because of live keys, live percussion and extensive experience as an entertainer!

€ 455,-

DJ Leeuwarden  (NL) Quinten van Hilten (All-round DJ)

Quinten van Hilten (All-round DJ)

DJ, allround

Active as all-round DJ since 2010! Got a lot of experience in beach clubs, discotheques, during weddings, company parties, birthdays, receptions or in the hospitality industry.

€ 400,-

DJ Huizen  (NL) PAUL C4GE (DJ and Trumpeter in one)

PAUL C4GE (DJ and Trumpeter in one)

DJ, allround

Wedding, graduation, birthday, event, company party, you want to book a suitable DJ. PAUL C4GE knows how to create the right atmosphere for every occasion. Also bookable for livestreams!

€ 482,-

DJ Amsterdam  (NL) Dj - DeLaFresco

Dj - DeLaFresco

DJ, allround

Bringing the right musical vibe is his goal. International success for 25 years! Whether it's a big party, intimate party, festival, beach party, or a wedding. Private or Corporate event, DeLaFresco always knows how to strike the right...

€ 450,-

DJ Amsterdam  (NL) Dj - DeLaFresco with Live SAX!

Dj - DeLaFresco with Live SAX!

DJ, allround

This top formation will take your party to the next level! Groovy beats, hip songs from then and now! Supplemented with funky live sax solos, bring your party to a musical spectacle! A performance at the highest level!

€ 830,-

DJ Leuth  (NL) Saxotone's DJ set - (DJ-Sax duo)

Saxotone's DJ set - (DJ-Sax duo)

DJ, allround

A regular DJ with live Saxophonist is a dynamic combination for every occasion. Saxotone's Dj sends every conceivable style of music through his speakers, with the 'live energy' of saxophonist Toon 'saxotone' Meijer. This DJ-Sax...

€ 1.250,-

Drive-in show Waalre  (NL) Drive-in-show Just Cozy

Drive-in-show Just Cozy

Drive-in show, allround

This drive in show Just Cozy contains all aspects for a great party. The professional sound system also sounds fine at a slightly lower volume, because your guests should of course still be able to understand each other. The cozy light...

€ 575,-

Drive-in show Waalre  (NL) Beach Party

Beach Party

Drive-in show, allround

You organize a Beach party, Tropical theme party or Ibiza Party and are looking for a drive-in show that makes you feel like dancing on the beach of a nice warm country overlooking the sea... then this show is the perfect choice for you!

from € 825,- from

Drive-in show Waalre  (NL) Dutch Theme Party

Dutch Theme Party

Drive-in show, allround

You want to sing along loudly with the coziest hits from home! From Frans Duijts to Frans Bauer, from Django Wagner to Guus Meeuwis and from Andre Hazes to Corry Konings, everything will pass by during this primeval Dutch show!

from € 825,- from

Drive-in show Waalre  (NL) Jip and Jan

Jip and Jan

Drive-in show, allround

Jip and Jan is the most fun dressed up, sing-along and dance spectacle of the Netherlands! Two crazy DJ's / entertainers perform many live sung acts where they dress up as the artist in question or something similar, and the audience is...

from € 1.095,- from

Drive-in show Leiden  (NL) The Disco Bus

The Disco Bus

Drive-in show, allround

We proudly present our Disco Bus. It is equipped with a DJ booth, a canopy, lighting, DJ gear and sound for about 750 people. For the Afternoon Delight Disco Jockeys, the Disco Bus is home base; many different genres: House, 90s, Disco,...

€ 900,-

DJ Amsterdam  (NL) DJ Ivy ( Female DJ / Female DJ )

DJ Ivy ( Female DJ / Female DJ )

DJ, allround

(Optional with DJ equipment and basic speakers!) Paris XL, Pandora, NA-KD (.com fashion), Hotel Okura Amsterdam, A'DAM Tower Amsterdam, Soho House Amsterdam, Club NL Amsterdam, Bibi van der Velden (Couture Jewelry), The Harbour Club, The...

€ 300,-

Drive-in show Zaandam  (NL) Johnny's DJ show - golden oldies - ed

Johnny's DJ show - golden oldies - ed

Drive-in show, allround

Johnny's DJ show. A DJ who will make your party a success. He opens and closes your party. He's the host and animator of the evening. Really a talking DJ like we used to have.!

€ 1.000,-

Drive-in show Hendrik Ido Ambacht  (NL) Wedding DJ | Drive-in-Show | DJ Hire

Wedding DJ | Drive-in-Show | DJ Hire

Drive-in show, allround

Are you looking for a professional DJ including equipment to make your party, wedding or event a musical success? Stop searching now and start booking. Groenendijk-Events will make your party a swinging success!

€ 750,-


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