is the largest marketplace
for LIVE entertainment of NL en BE
Artists present themselves on our platform
You can book them for your own event

ShowBird is the largest online booking platform for speakers and presenters/chairmen of the day in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The platform brings together supply and demand in the field of speakers.
Are you organizing a business event and are you looking for a suitable speaker or presenter/chairman? You can find them all on ShowBird.

Hoe does ShowBird work?

Orators present themselves on our independent entertainment platform.
You can request a performer for your event without obligation.

Requests are received directly by the performer (or his manager). He will send you a proposal that you can then accept. Do you have substantive questions about the act? Via the chat function you can easily chat 1-on-1 with the speaker/day chairman you have requested.

After completing the booking, a contract is created between you and the performer.
ShowBird is not a party to this. We have only made the booking possible through our platform.

Have you consulted the above information, but are you unable to find a solution?
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ShowBird is a platform

We are the online marketplace that brings
together buyers (customers)and suppliers

Do you have substantive questions about the
acts? Ask them to the artists.              Read more

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