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How does the search filter work?

Free search field

If you already know what you are looking for, use the free search field. The free search field works just like Google.
You can be as specific as you want, for example:
'Rock band'
'Rock band Den Haag'
'Golden Earrings' < br /> Note: the more specific you are, the fewer acts match your search.

Time and location of your event

Indicate when and where the act you are looking for should occur.
Location: Only artists who are willing to travel to this location are shown.
Date + time: Only artists that are currently available * are shown.
* Note: Not all artists have fully updated their Showbird agenda.


There are two quality indices on ShowBird:
Stars: By ShowBird customers given in a review of the act.
***** = Excellent
**** = Good
*** = Fine
** = Reasonable
* = Moderate

Wings: By ShowBird panel given to artists.
& amp; = Silver wing: Professional level
& amp; = Gold wing: Top artist
You can indicate in the filter which 'quality requirement' you set.


With each act, the artist has indicated what kind of entertainment it concerns.
Filter by category, then only acts of that type are shown.
You can also click an entire group in the filter, such as Music, then select the categories Bands, Orchestras, Musicians, Singers, etc.




Do you have an outdoor event? Some acts are only suitable for indoor performance.
Do you have an indoor event? Some acts can only be performed outdoors.
Use this filter to see only suitable acts for your occasion.


Is it desirable for the artist to speak a specific language?
Filter on this language. All artists have indicated which languages ​​they control.

Local Acts

Many artists are willing to perform throughout the country.
If you prefer to find a local hero, tick 'Local acts' in the search filter.
Only artists who come from the region (less than 20km from event location) are shown. This function is also useful for keeping travel costs limited.

No search result

Is there no single act on the search page?
Then you might have made your search filter too specific.
You can always 'back' by deleting your settings.
Delete in the Filter box: all checked filter options are deleted.
Delete in the (blue) Search box: all search criteria will be deleted.

I can not find the act I'm looking for

Are you looking for a specific artist or act, but can not find it on ShowBird?
Let us know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 070-2810060

We may be able to help you find the intended act, or we will approach the artist if he / she wants to present himself on ShowBird.

Questions about profile

Where can I find my profile?

Your profile is part of your personal pages on Showbird. Are you logged in? Then you see your name at the top of each page. Click on your name and choose 'My Profile' in the drop-down menu.

What information does my profile contain?

Your name and address, company name, billing address.
Linked agent (if applicable)
Settings, such as: language, max travel distance and cancellation policy.
You can also create a profile picture and set alias.

Who will see this information?

Only you can view your profile page. When you as an artist have contact with a customer, we only show your first name (or your alias, if filled in). Showbird will not provide the customer with your contact details until a booking has been confirmed. We handle your data carefully. For more information, please see our privacy policy .

What about my privacy?

When communicating with others, we only show your first name (or your alias). Some profile information is required for proper site operation. Only when you make a booking will your other profile data be used for the preparation of the contract. We handle your personal information with care. Read in our privacy policy .

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