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The COVID-19 virus is gripping the entire world. The measures prescribed by the government also paralyze the entertainment industry. Bookings are canceled and customers are reluctant to enter into new agreements. No one knows how long this situation will last. On the RIVM site you will find current information about the impact of the Corona virus on society.

Important Corona measures for artists

On March 17, the cabinet launched a support package for affected entrepreneurs. Many of the measures, which together amount to several billion in aid, are of particular interest to SMEs and larger companies to ensure that they can continue to pay for their staff and rent.

Of the measures, two are very interesting for Freelancers (most artists belong to this group):

Extra Support for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs (ZZPs)

There is a softened and accelerated assistance scheme for the Self-employed. As an Artist, do you earn less than the social minimum? Then you can have your income supplemented during this period (three months) by means of this scheme. This does not look at your assets and the income of your partner.

Easing tax deferral

It becomes easier to postpone paying taxes. This scheme applies to corporate wages, income and turnover tax, the latter two of which are of particular interest to artists and artists. Although the VAT percentage of acts is often lower than with the "ordinary" entrepreneur (9% compared to the usual 21%), the jar you keep in your account may make just that difference.

In addition, there is also a support package especially for the cultural sector, aimed at makers and artists.

Where can you get help and/or information

To claim one of the measures, you must go to the website of your own municipality. Here you will find exactly how you can apply for the measures in your municipality.

ShowBird noticed that not all municipalities process applications in the same way. For example, in the larger municipalities (,, in addition to clear pages regarding this situation, there are also entrepreneur checks and signposts to see for which schemes you are eligible.

Tip: You can also do the entrepreneurs check if you live outside Amsterdam
Such a check is also offered by They can help you on your way and forward data to the relevant municipality. Check their website to see which claims apply to you.

Telephonic support

Do you need more telephone support? Then the Corona Loket has been opened on, where you can also obtain more information as an artist. They have insight into all measures and can also advise you on this. They can be reached on working days from 08:30 and 17:00 via the number 0800-2117.

Beat Corona Campaign

To stimulate the market, ShowBird is currently offering a 10% corona discount on any booking that takes place before July 1, 2021. More information about this promotion can be found here.

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