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Many artists approach us with questions about the Corona crisis. The COVID 19 virus hits artists hard at the core of their existence. Here are some practical tips at a glance.

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Requests and bookings on ShowBird

The government's COVID-19 measures may affect performances booked through Showbird.

Application / Proposal

Artists who are currently in the application or proposal phase are asked by the customer:
"What if we have to cancel later because of Corona?".
You are free to make specific agreements with the customer about this.
Mention this appointment in your proposal in the "Special agreements" field.
This will automatically be included in the final contract.


Have you been booked for a performance in the coming period?
If the customer or you see reason to change / cancel this booking,
discuss together what is the best solution for you and let it us know.
We are ready to process any changes and such like immediately.

If you have not made specific agreements with the customer yourself, then ShowBird applies the following cancellation policy:
If the performance becomes impossible due to changing government measures, the performance can be moved to another date free of charge (in consultation with the artist).
If the performance cannot be made up, the customer will receive a refund. Have the measures been tightened up as a result of which the performance has to be moved/cancelled?
Then we ask the customer to let you know as an artist no later than 1 week after the announcement of the measures. This gives you the opportunity to take on other gigs.


Try to move the performance as much as possible to a date in 2022.
Is that not possible? Then be accommodating in this force majeure situation.
The nicer the contact, the greater the chance that the customer will come back to you after Corona.
Do you have questions about this subject or need advice?
We are available 24/7 on 070 2810060.


No performances = no income. What now?

Now that no performances are possible, artists do not generate any income. How do you "survive" the harsh Corona times as a live performer? The cabinet has activated a support package, which you as a professional entertainer can claim. ShowBird has brought together the options for you on this handy page: Economic support for Artists .


10 tips for artists sitting at home in Corona times

It is a confusing time for a lot of artists who are sitting at home.
The Coronavirus empties full calendars in one fell swoop, revenues are not forthcoming.
Worst: No one knows how long this will last. For this reason, ShowBird has prepared ten tips for the artist sitting at home:

1. Update your biography and website
Make sure all information about your act is up-to-date again.
Update your biography, add the latest news to your press kit, ask customers for reviews.
When the Corona era is over, you will certainly reap the benefits.
To get you started, we have a example act created

2. Be creative from home
Be creative and see what services you can provide from your own home:
Record video messages for children sitting at home like Clown or Princess.
Give workshops to children or families via skype,
Write songs on behalf of someone's loved one or grandparent,
Present yourself as a studio musician or dancer in video clips at Fiver

3. Go Live!
Many artists do live streams of their performances from their studio or bedroom.
This is a great way to keep in touch with your fans despite the Corona virus.
For example, use OBS Studio to shape the stream and Facebook or Twitch .
You can request donations via a donation button or via
Tikkie .

4. Keep creating / coming up with a new act
Keep making new material: write songs, create choreographies, come up with new types.
Maybe you could also translate your show into a workshop?
When you have invented a new act you can of course also add it on ShowBird.
As an artist you can add multiple acts to your account.

5. Reach out to other artists
Schedule a Skype meeting with artists in the same boat.
Exchange information and tips on eg play locations and platforms.
Provide feedback on each other's biography, videos and website. You may even be able to come up with a new show together.

6. Learn something new
Use this time to learn a new skill
Dive into other dance styles, learn new tricks, try out a new instrument. Numerous courses and master classes can be found online.

7. Write a grant application
Most artists have ever been on the verge of writing a grant application.
Time is often the factor that ultimately prevents it from continuing.
See if you can use this period to write a good application.
Get more information or schedule a meeting via eg Fonds Podiumkunsten

8. Promote “old” work
Many artists still have old songs or videos that have never been released
or have a surplus of old albums or T-shirts.
Make a nice offer on your website or promote it via eg Bandcamp .
So you can save some money earn from old material.

9. Organize your time efficiently.
If you're not used to working from home, this can be challenging.
Consider in advance which goals you would like to achieve that day and plan your time well.
Also make a clear separation between working time and leisure time.
This increases the chances of making the most of your time at home.

10. Keep your distance and trust
We also want to emphasize the importance of keeping our distance and following up on the measures.
The sooner we control the virus, the sooner we will can get started together.


Team ShowBird

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