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Actor 's Gravenwezel  (BE) Snake show

Snake show

Actor, animals

Do you want something challenging and exciting at your party or event? Book this snake show now and surprise your guests!

€ 525,-

Actor Lede  (BE) C-Rex


Actor, animals

These dinosaurs will make your event an unforgettable party! Their striking blue appearance will ensure that no one walks past these large creatures.

€ 1.299,-

Actor Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel  (NL) Photoshoot with sled dogs

Photoshoot with sled dogs

Actor, animals

€ 275,-

Actor Deux-Acren  (BE) Snakes Act | Kelly from Heard

Snakes Act | Kelly from Heard

Actor, animals

Kelly offers you a performance with her pythons. Usually one uses tiger pythons for a snake show.

€ 350,-

Actor Den Haag  (NL) Animal Trick Show for kids

Animal Trick Show for kids

Actor, animals

We proudly present to you: the most Versatile "Unique Children's Show" in the Netherlands! After years of international experience in training all kinds of animals, the crazy Clown Kiko and his charming assistant present the Animal Trick...

€ 612,-

Actor Den Haag  (NL) Petting zoo on location

Petting zoo on location

Actor, animals

Book a petting zoo! Always a huge attraction with its educational value to the public!

€ 706,-

Actor Den Haag  (NL) Goose parade

Goose parade

Actor, animals

Provide amazement and a guaranteed smile with a goose parade during your event!

€ 895,-

Actor Den Haag  (NL) Animal Trick Show

Animal Trick Show

Actor, animals

A unique, spectacular show with all kinds of animals, presented by charming, internationally celebrated artists!

€ 612,-

Actor Den Haag  (NL) Pony & Donkey Riding

Pony & Donkey Riding

Actor, animals

Book a real pony trail at your location! This will be built by us, complete with benches and music installation and of course the ponies and donkeys!

€ 707,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Horse show

Horse show

Actor, animals

Are you looking for something special? Then you can also come to us for a spectacular horse show. There are many possibilities such as a baroque show, or a combined horse and dog show or how about a comic horse act?

€ 949,-

Actor Monster  (NL) Demo Dogfrisbee

Demo Dogfrisbee

Actor, animals

In cooperation with a club of enthusiastic dog lovers we bring a dazzling demo show to your mall. This always creates a fantastic atmosphere and a lot of audience! For an unforgettable afternoon, book this demo today at ShowBird!

€ 695,-

Actor Den Haag  (NL) Camel Rides

Camel Rides

Actor, animals

Looking for something special and exclusive? Then book the ideal eyecatcher for your event!

€ 895,-

Actor Spijkenisse  (NL) Large golden Phython snake

Large golden Phython snake

Actor, animals

By booking this act you know for sure that there will be an extra twist on your event! This lady brings with her python extra excitement and entertainment and your guests will be eager to hold the python herself! Book this act now on...

€ 450,-

Actor Spijkenisse  (NL) Snake charmer: Miss Nagine

Snake charmer: Miss Nagine

Actor, animals

Miss Nagine is one of the best Snake charmers in the Netherlands. This unique show makes your event a true spectacle. Miss Nagine has more than 20 years of experience is therefore always the perfect addition to every imaginable party.

€ 600,-

Actor Monster  (NL) Dragon Fang

Dragon Fang

Actor, animals

The name of this sweet dragon is Fang! And he comes all the way from the mountains to your location. With his long neck he can oversee everything and sees the children coming from far away. Fang doesn't come alone. He comes together with a...

€ 750,-

Actor Ophemert  (NL) VLINDER WEDDING: LIVE Butterflies!


Actor, animals

I'm Bart Coppens and I'm a butterfly grower, also Youtube (search me on Google!). I like to spend my living butterflies all over the country for different purposes; research, education, but sometimes also for photo shoots or weddings. Book...

€ 613,-

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