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Give yourself an online performance as a gift. Surprise friends or family with a live remote performance. Think of a musician who sings your partner's favorite songs live. Or an interactive magic show for your child's birthday. Or a belly dancing workshop for the employees of your company. There is still so much possible!

Break the routine in these tough times

You have been confined to your home because of government measures to combat the Corona virus. The intelligent lockdown has been going on for months and everyone is trying to brighten up this 'boring period' with bright spots. Don't let Covid-19 box you and entertain yourself with a (safe) online performance by your favorite artist.

A video call is personal and interactive

A video call act is closest to a "normal" live performance: You have personal and direct contact with the artist. You will experience the performance up close, while the artist is safely at his home location. You can often put these special home performances together with the artist. It is also possible that during the video contact you can say which song you would like to hear and see at that moment.

A video call act is short but sweet

Online acts often last shorter than a normal show. They usually last no longer than 30 minutes. Because you have a direct private connection and are not in a room with people, the interaction is more intensive. Some workshops or DJ shows take a little longer. You can agree with the artist how long the ideal performance will last.

A video call act is low priced

Partly due to the shorter playing time, the price for an online performance is often lower. Due to the Corona limitations, the artists unfortunately have few performances. Most performers are happy that they can earn something through this online channel. Moreover, they do not have to travel to your location in this way. In this way they have made the special price very attractive to you.

Help artists through the Corona crisis

Give the artists a heart and book a video call act. Artists are struggling these months. Live shows are often the only source of income for an entertainer. In the current situation it is difficult to keep your head above water. You help the artists of the Netherlands and Belgium directly with a personal booking.

In these harsh Corona times, everyone is limited in their movements and experiences. During "normal" life, you may have been in contact with a form of live entertainment many times during the past period. You can undo the current cultural "drought" in one go by booking a streaming home concert here. Just as much fun as a public performance and even more personal.

Don't get boxed by COVID-19 !!

Treat yourself, family or friends with a personal online live performance.

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