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Band Koog aan de Zaan  (NL) PlusSupportAct


Band, coverband

With a healthy dose of humour Serge (guitar), Alex (keyboards) and Dennis (drums) make pit stops at surprisingly catchy places along the musical highway. From rock to dance, from Latin to disco. The crossovers of these classrooms are...

€ 1.500,-

Band Dordrecht  (NL) Colibri


Band, coverband

As hip as a flamingo, as funky as an ostrich, with the soul of a Japanese nightingale, the groove of a woodpecker, the class of a crane and the fun of the kookaburra. And we're playing covers, so we're a little paranoid too. But just call...

€ 3.250,-

Band Dronten  (NL) Coverband Flavour

Coverband Flavour

Band, coverband

Coverband Flavour is a coverband that turns every occasion into a party. Dancing to famous hits from then and now, jumping on energetic poppers and singing along with the classics.

€ 1.400,-

Band Breda  (NL) The Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Crashers

Band, coverband

The perfect band for your wedding! THE WEDDING CRASHERS sneak in through the back door. These five friends are not on the guest list and mingle unnoticed between the audience and the bride and groom...

€ 1.650,-

Band Nieuwegein  (NL) Chris & Friends

Chris & Friends

Band, coverband

Chris & Friends is basically an acoustic duo opportunity. Lead singer Chris (known from The Voice Of Holland, among others) takes a musician with him at every performance, with which he will sing acoustically well known songs for you!

€ 600,-

Band Hoevelaken  (NL) Lacassette


Band, coverband

Modern hits that sound like jazz songs. That unique mix of old and new is what Lacassette is all about. Combining jazz influences with contemporary pop makes it very interesting for both the musicians and the audience.

€ 995,-

Band Heerhugowaard  (NL) Nicole Music

Nicole Music

Band, coverband

Every wedding is unique! The wedding day is lovingly special and special for everyone. I provide atmospheric live music for your (wedding) ceremony / reception or other occasion. A professional singer with a warm, moving and powerful sound...

€ 450,-

Band Hoevelaken  (NL) CLUSTER!


Band, coverband

With CLUSTER you can build a party with music of excellent quality. Let yourself be surprised and above all: dance, listen and enjoy this young enthusiastic band!

€ 950,-

Band Middelburg  (NL) Lace


Band, coverband

Lace brings pure and acoustic live music to every occasion. Small and intimate or surprisingly full, but always appropriate!

€ 625,-

Band Zwolle  (NL) REAL GOLD! music

REAL GOLD! music

Band, coverband

Welcome to REAL GOLD! music! Are you getting married soon or do you have something else to celebrate? We, Christien and ArendJan, would love to come and play with you!

€ 300,-

Band Delft  (NL) Los Bandos

Los Bandos

Band, coverband

Los Bandos is a live band from Delft consisting of 8 people. Besides an extensive rhythm section with 3 horns, our singer Heleen is popping on stage. Los Bandos plays well known songs of The Blues Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Earth wind and...

€ 520,-

Band Hoorn  (Noord Holland)(NL) Jukebox


Band, coverband

A swirling party band that gets people singing and dancing everywhere! With a repertoire for young and old that mixes smoothly, a suitable choice for every big and small party!

€ 1.854,-

Band Haarlem  (NL) Customized Liveband

Customized Liveband

Band, coverband

Customized is a professional all-round coverband with the hits of the past and of today. From the Bee Gees to Armin van Buuren, from Marco Borsato to Bløf and from 'pop rock' to 'guilty pleasures'...

€ 1.500,-

Band Harderwijk  (NL) Dean and the Moonboys

Dean and the Moonboys

Band, blues

Are you actually looking for an acoustic duo? Then there's no man left --> Daan and Stefan are The Fennies. The Fennies can also be booked on ShowBird!

€ 750,-

Band Amsterdam  (NL) Smells Funky

Smells Funky

Band, coverband

Smells Funky consists of a collection of musicians who can't get enough of performing. After years of making music together, we play a melting pot of songs with a focus on (synth-)pop/rock from the 80's, sneak some house and the better-...

€ 799,-

Band Haarlem  (NL) Kings and Crowns

Kings and Crowns

Band, coverband

Musicians Julia van der Marck and Koen Alvarez together form the cover duo Kings & Crowns. Thanks to their versatility almost every genre gets a moment in the spotlight.

€ 250,-

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