is the largest marketplace
for LIVE entertainment of NL en BE
Artists present themselves on our platform
You can book them for your own event

ShowBird is the largest online booking platform for live entertainment in the Netherlands and Belgium.
We are therefore not a booking agency. Requests come directly to you (or your manager).

The majority of the entertainment industry presents itself on the platform, don't you?
All advantages of ShowBird at a glance:


  • It doesn't cost you anything to promote yourself through ShowBird!
  • We only ask for a service fee of 10% when you are actually booked.

More bookings

  • With Showbird you bring your act to the attention of a wide audience for free.
  • You can be found quickly and easily.
  • Showbird advertises its site and therefore also your act.
  • Non-exclusive, so you are free to come and go as you please.


  • The customer requests, you send a proposal in 1 click, the customer agrees and the booking is arranged.
  • The system automatically creates a contract, with everything you discussed.
  • After your performance, Showbird creates an invoice on your behalf. You don't have to worry about that.


  • If you have different types of acts, you can perform them all.
  • With the gigs list and agenda you can easily manage your schedule.

1-on-1 contact with the customer

  • You make appointments with your customer directly and quickly.
  • The wishes for both parties are immediately clear.
  • You have a contract with the customer, ShowBird is not a party to this.

Professional appearance

  • Your act will be presented with all information on Showbird.
  • The Showbird booking system is clear and complete.


  • Customers who have booked you can leave reviews.
  • The Payment goes through us, so you always get your money.

Also for agents

  • You can easily link an agent to your account.
  • Your agent can fully manage your acts and bookings for you.

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ShowBird is een platform

We zijn de marktplaats die vragers (klanten)
en aanbieders (artiesten) bijeenbrengt.

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