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Speaker or Presenter: Content and Entertainment


3 hours

Speaker or Presenter: Content and Entertainment
Speaker or Presenter: Content and Entertainment
Speaker or Presenter: Content and Entertainment
Speaker or Presenter: Content and Entertainment
Speaker or Presenter: Content and Entertainment
Speaker or Presenter: Content and Entertainment

€ 471,-

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Speaker or Presenter: Content and Entertainment


ex VAT

€ 471

You are looking for a light break for a congress, (scientific) study day or meeting. I am a speaker who provides variety in the programme. As a magician I can make your theme visual, for extra impact on the visitors. Can be combined as a Presenter or Day Chair!

Mentioned rate is a 'from'-price!

Content and entertainment:
As a speaker who provides humour and variety.
As a presenter who relaxes in between and guards time.
As a magician with one or more acts that make participants relax and laugh. So that they feel like continuing with the programme afterwards.

As presenter / chairman of the day, I ensure a smooth running of the event. This means that I watch the time, put speakers at ease and introduce them in an interesting way.

I listen to the lectures and look at workshops, after which I feed back that information in the plenary part. From there I make a bridge to the next part / the next speaker, so that all parts fit together.

If I'm here, you don't have to worry about the schedule. I'll make sure it runs smoothly and you can have contact with the visitors or arrange other things.

Do you "just" want a happy break between lectures? I can provide a cheerful theatre act, where laughter and relaxation are most important. So that the visitors can get fresh again.

Of course, I can combine these three things for you. In consultation we can see what suits your day best.

What are you talking about?
Topics I'm most asked for are:
Marketing for SMEs: several keynotes available
Economic concepts
Psychology and Perception in Education
Perception and the world around you
Out of the Box thinking

As a graduate economist I taught Business and General Economics for 7 years. From that experience and interest I am able to deal with financial and economic issues. After my studies I specialized in marketing: What works for me as an entrepreneur. A lot of theory turns out to be theory, practical usefulness I derive from the principles of Direct Response Marketing. I also advise other entrepreneurs.

From the point of view of juggling and the economy, I am always busy studying 'behaviour': Why do people do what they do? Particularly interesting and fascinating to discover how easy it is to be fooled. How much you are a creature of habit. From that science I tell about creativity and thinking off the beaten track. That may seem difficult, but it isn't: Everyone can do it, but we often don't dare.

Made-to-measure? Don't you have a standard story?
If you are looking for an athlete or BN-er with a fixed presentation, you don't need to be with me. I am neither a top athlete nor a BN-er. I am an economist and entrepreneur. That's why I think that my presence should be an investment and not a cost. An investment demands a return.

Each organization has its own culture and purpose with the event. Sometimes it's about customer loyalty, sometimes it's about further training, sometimes a change process has been set in motion. This requires the right tone of voice every time. Also, the goal is different every time and that has to be reflected in my presentation/act. Speaker or presenter: the leitmotif must be clear!

That's why I'll meet you beforehand and discuss what the day is all about. On the basis of this, I can give you a time estimate and give you an appropriate rate. Want to know more? Call 06 -##### 805 or download the brochure on my website.

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3 hours


Indoor and outdoor


1 (solo)




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This act is suitable for event types: Business party, Reception, Fair / Congres

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