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How does the star rating of the acts on ShowBird work?

These are verified customer ratings the artist has received for past performances. It is a way of dividing the acts into different classes. The classification ranges from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest attainable. You can use the star scores for your final choice.

How do the Wings that some artists have work?

In addition to the customer rating (star rating), ShowBird also uses its own quality stamp: the 'wings'. This score is based on two factors:

  • Quality of the act compared to other acts in the same category.
    This is about the performance of the live performance.
  • Quality of the artist with regard to his performance on ShowBird. Think of the completeness of the act presentation, reaction speed, clarity of proposals and good communication.

There are three wings that ShowBird assigns to artists: Gold, Silver & Bronze.

How do I rate the artist?

After the performance you will receive an email in which we ask you to write a review for the artist.
You can also do this yourself in your ShowBird account under Request.
Click on the ticket of the booking on the blue button with [Rate Act] and write your review.

You help them with this, because artists with reviews are booked more often.
You can only post a review if you have actually made a booking.

What is Thuiswinkel Waarborg?

The Thuiswinkel Waarborg means that as a webshop is certified by the Stichting Certificering Thuiswinkel Waarborg. The working method and conditions used during the certification are in accordance with Dutch legislation and regulations. The (re)certification takes place annually.

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