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Conjunto Amsterdam
Conjunto Amsterdam
Conjunto Amsterdam
Conjunto Amsterdam

€ 1.900,-

act prijs ex 9% BTW

Conjunto Amsterdam

Band , Latin/Caribbean

€ 1.900,-

Salsa Dura...

Conjunto Amsterdam is a Latin-sextet with the most prominent Latin
musicians from the Netherlands at the moment.
They play a brilliant mix of Salsa Dura and Latin Jazz with a completely
unique sound and unprecedented swing. Conjunto Amsterdam features 3
singers each with their own style. Together with the strong rhythm section,
they never lose contact with the audience: before the listeners know it, they
are full of chants to sing or to sing frenziedly on the dance floor. And there
is also a lot of laughter on the stage, and that energy jumps to the audience.
Conjunto Amsterdam has already built up a status of "secret tip" in the
Netherlands, partly because of their legendary, weekly performances in
Amsterdam, where much is being talked about. In time for the summer their
first CD ‘Muevete’ is released, full of fresh, contemporary arrangements of
well-known Salsa-Classics with a greasy sound, which is reminiscent of
legendary groups like "Seis del Solar".
Conjunto Amsterdam consists of 6 musicians who have already earned their
spurs both nationally and internationally in the Salsa world, namely:
Daniel Patriasz: lead vocals, coros, bongo / Juan Carlos 'Bulu' Viloria:
coros, congas and bongo / Marc Bischoff: piano / Pedro Luis Pardo: bass,
lead vocals and coros / Marcos Gomez: keyboards, lead vocals and coros /
Marco Toro: drums

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1,5 uur


Binnen en buiten




5x4 meters vrij voor de band.....



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0 reviews geschreven over deze act