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Full Colour Package 1
Full Colour Package 1
Full Colour Package 1

€ 17.500,-

act prijs ex 9% BTW

Full Colour Package 1

DJ , Allround

€ 17.500,-

Deze act is voor ieder event geschikt wat echt een onvergetelijke ervaring wil creëren. DJ La Fuente als DJ gepaard met een complete entourage van danseressen en lichtshows is ideaal voor ieder feest, boek de Full Colour show nu op ShowBird!

Welcome to the ultimate entertainment experience. A nonstop flow of colourful sounds and endless energy!

Full Colour Innercircle has got ‘the feel good factor’ written all over it. Unique in style, energetic in vibes and original in sound. Entertainment at it’s best. Uplifting, sexy and smile-inducing. A story we tell with a virtually unparalleled energetic stage performance, unique theatrical acts, special effects and the best funky vibrations. It’s a story we tell.. Colour is our signature!

The mission:
Move the crowd and create unforgettable moments by sharing inexhaustible energy and exceed expectations. In the end, things end but memories last forever.


Areas are packed and popping. We take our visitors by the hand and guide them through our colourful world. We tell our story together from the start and grow a very special atmosphere. We approach the night as a theater experience, with a unique experience in vibe, energy and sound as a result. That’s the spirit behind ‘Full Colour Innercircle: Colourful vibes, funky vibrations.

Belangrijke info:
- MC inclusief
- 4 entertainers & outfits inclusief
- TED inclusief
- Make-up artist inclusief
- Light / FX control expert inclusief
- LED incl. led engineer
- Special effect: Confetti 1.0, co2, smoke
2-3 uur durende set.
Exclusief 7 % Buma kosten.
Exclusief: Licht, Geluid, podium.

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2,5 uur


Binnen en buiten




4x4 meter. Podium / DJ booth.


In overleg.

De artiest komt uit AlmereReiskosten worden berekend obv jouw event locatie.

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Deze act is geschikt voor volgende events: Bruiloft, Verjaardag, Viering / Jubileum, Studenten feest, Sport evenement, Bedrijfsfeest, Beurs / Congres, Opening, Horeca line-up, Festival, Winkelcentrum / Braderie, Feestdag / Lokaal feest

0 reviews geschreven over deze act