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Circusact Boul

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Boul is een internationale grootheid in de circuswereld. Met zijn unieke shows weet hij altijd het complete publiek achterover te laten slaan. Met verbluffende stunts en trucs is er geen ontsnappen aan de kleine Boul.
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Boul was born in 1989 in Cirque du Soleil in Canada. There the character of the “bouffon”, an artificial grotesque figure developed.

After three years of touring through the USA and Europe, Frederic Zipperlin was able to give his figure Boul his identity, which makes him such a success today.

He’s not only the imp, the creature from the bubble, he is also an exellent juggler, e.g. a two-time winner of the circus festivals in Paris. There is a reason for his name “Lord of the balls”.

One special characteristic of the artist is his experimental and inspired way of translating innovative ideas into unusual performances. Innovation is his theme and gives him the capacity to bring about new creations, again and again, seemingly without effort.

The artist develops also unusual ideas for his materials. In 1995 he created “Bubble On Water”, a huge, water-thight, transparent bubble, an expirience with which Boul transcends the elements.

Another creation are the “White Balls”, balls in sizes two to six meters, which are especially suited for projections of any kind.

These concepts may be used individually for a variety of performances while opening up the “world of bubbles” for other artists.

Artist is from Germany.
Travel expenses are on request.

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2 uur


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4x4 meter.


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