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Orange Grove
Orange Grove
Orange Grove
Orange Grove
Orange Grove
Orange Grove

€ 1.792,-

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Orange Grove

Band , Reggae

€ 1.792,-

Orange Grove is een energieke crossover reggae/pop/rock band met een gevarieerd repertoire van voornamelijk eigen werk maar ook hier en daar de onvermijdbare covers. We come fe nice up di area!

Orange Grove

Orange Grove’s reputation has largely been built by their live performances, having toured Europe, the USA and many Caribbean islands since their early beginnings, helping to build a solid fanbase around the globe eager to see them again the next time they pass through. Their original recordings have also led to fans in parts of the world the band has yet to set foot, however as of recently their music has also started getting noticed by larger players in the industry, which has opened up the latest chapter in the band’s success story.
Orange Grove’s music has been featured in movies, documentaries, commercials and most recently chosen to create the promotional anthem for the German Olympic committee for their attempt to bring the Summer Olympics to Hamburg in 2024. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 original compositions and remixes started emerging by renowned DJ’s/artists (Yellow Claw, The Alchemist, Bob Sinclar, SPYZR) as well as the larger EDM labels (Spinnin’, Kontor, Black Hole Record- ings, Sony, Jeff Records) with many new releases coming in 2017.
2016 has been a great year for the band as its momentum has resulted in hundreds of thousands of monthly online streams worldwide, expanding their audiences and touring territories. Their most recent tour this past summer saw them begin with shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and then continued on to a number of islands throughout the Caribbean.

The Live Experience
Book Orange Grove for your event and you can be guaranteed an epic performance filled with positive vibrations, which the audience will not soon be forgetting. With a mix of their own catchy originals as well as a fine selection of covers, expect an energetic and emotional live show which is sure to satisfy the desires of a crowd looking for a unique fun-filled and memorable night out!

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Video Links
Easy Love - SPYZR REMIX #####/watch?v=3R3HZ433RKc
Easy Love - Official Video
White Daisy (Animated Video)
Some Things Last Forever feat Glennis Grace
Surf Song (Live)
Kinky Reggae - A Bob Marley Cover (Live)
Killing In The Name - A Rage Against The Machine Cover (Live)
Ready for it - Bob Sinclar Remix

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0 reviews geschreven over deze act