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Trainer/Workshop Culemborg  (NL) Capoeira Workshop

Capoeira Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, dance

Capoeira is the Brazilian combination of acrobatics, dance, music and combat. In a circle of people who play exciting live music, you play the smooth game of feints, attacks and defenses. Make sure you experience this fun workshop with...

€ 175,-

Trainer/Workshop Culemborg  (NL) Macular workshop

Macular workshop

Trainer/Workshop, dance

The energetic sticks and drums of maculele are at the centre of this workshop for everyone! Book this act now via ShowBird.

€ 175,-

Trainer/Workshop Culemborg  (NL) Brazilian Power workshop

Brazilian Power workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

In this workshop we take you into a mix of Brazilian martial arts (Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu/Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Capoeira). Brazilian power aims to increase resilience! Book this act now via ShowBird!

€ 175,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Traditional Tapas Workshop

Traditional Tapas Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

Would you like to surprise your family and/or friends with your tapas cooking skills? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you! During these workshops you will learn all the ins and outs of making tapas. Of course everything will be...

€ 322,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Italian Cooking Workshop

Italian Cooking Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

Pasta, pizza, lasagna, tiramisú... too much and too tasty to list them all! Who doesn't like Italian cuisine? Book the Italian Workshop now via ShowBird!

€ 321,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Sushi Cooking Workshop

Sushi Cooking Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

During this cooking workshop you will learn all about Sushi! You'll learn how to prepare the Sushi rice perfectly and how to roll different types of sushi! Book the Sushi Cooking Workshop on ShowBird now!

€ 322,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Barbecue & Wine tasting Cooking Workshop

Barbecue & Wine tasting Cooking Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

During this BBQ cooking workshop you will learn everything about how to prepare the perfect meat on the BBQ. During this workshop there will also be a wine tasting. This is the perfect combination for a successful day! Book now the...

€ 480,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Healtea


Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

Are you hungry for a cozy High-tea and are you curious about a healthy and just as tasty variant? Then you've come to the right place! Book Healtea now via ShowBird.

€ 280,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Macarons Baking workshop

Macarons Baking workshop

Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

At the Workshop Factory we offer a workshop making macaroons where you learn to make them all by yourself. Book the worskhop Macarons Baking now via ShowBird!

€ 400,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Beautiful with make-up workshop

Beautiful with make-up workshop

Trainer/Workshop, arts

During this workshop you will get all kinds of tips and tricks regarding make-up. We will teach you how to accentuate your contours in the best possible way and which colours suit you perfectly! Book now the workshop Beautifull with...

€ 324,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Workshop Musical Party

Workshop Musical Party

Trainer/Workshop, dance

This workshop brings you back to the famous musicals like Saturday Night Fever and Grease. With an enthusiastic dance coach you will get to work with the steps of the past. Book the Musical Party Workshop on ShowBird now!

€ 216,-

Trainer/Workshop Utrecht  (NL) Monkey cage workshop of SportUnie

Monkey cage workshop of SportUnie

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Nostalgia in the gym! Monkey cages Return to the gym class of yesteryear with your colleagues or friends! Think back to the FREE FOR ALL feeling during the last lesson before the holidays! Are you still the Tarzan or Jane of yesteryear?

€ 180,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Magic Workshop 1001 Night | Tons of Ball

Magic Workshop 1001 Night | Tons of Ball

Trainer/Workshop, magic

Lots of fun and humour during the Magic Workshop 1001 Night. There will be a lot of magic during this workshop and a hint of Eastern Magic will be given away by Ton Bal in a Western setting.

€ 695,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Greek Cooking Workshop

Greek Cooking Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

Do you always like to go on holiday to Greece not only for the sun but also for the delicious food? And doesn't the Greek around the corner ever taste as good as in Greece? From now on you don't have to wait until the holiday to enjoy...

€ 321,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Fresh from the Streekmarkt cooking workshop

Fresh from the Streekmarkt cooking workshop

Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

A cooking workshop with products from the fresh local market of the Green Heart in Woerden. This workshop promises delicious and artisanal enjoyment! Book the Vers van de Streekmarkt cooking workshop on ShowBird now!

€ 341,-

Trainer/Workshop Woerden  (NL) Moroccan Cooking Workshop

Moroccan Cooking Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

Moroccan cuisine smells of herbs and spices and combines the sweetness of fruits and nuts with savory flavors of meat and vegetables. Who wants to get to know this mysterious and exotic cuisine with exuberant dishes and spices?

€ 341,-

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