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Fluo-Flits-Fuif XL

Kids show , DJ/Music
The artist is residing in Maldegem

€ 950

Fluo-Flits-Fuif XL
Fluo-Flits-Fuif XL
Fluo-Flits-Fuif XL
Fluo-Flits-Fuif XL
Fluo-Flits-Fuif XL
Fluo-Flits-Fuif XL
Fluo-Flits-Fuif XL

2 (duo) performers


Kids show

3 hours

4 x 7 meters


For children aged 11 and over, this flashy disco is bookable. Tough on the side or swinging on the floor. Everyone is invited! Extended with light show and music for the youngsters of your event!

Finally a nice party for the "tweens" !
(comes from 'between', the age between child and teenager).

Too big to be treated as a child, but too young to enter a discotheque.
We have been asked many times, after our very tasty "fluo-flash-fuif", if we could not make a version for people over 12 years old. One where they can really enjoy themselves.

And yes, we've tested it, and if they like it?!!!
Result: the "fluo-flash-fuif XL"

Keigoeie music, surprising lighting effects (including a spectacular laser show), smoothly mixed together, a mailbox for in-between messages, a great atmosphere among friends / girlfriends, in a safe environment and a mega cool room design ... what more could you ask for?

Klutske will decorate the room 3 hours in advance with fluorescent pop art paintings, fluorescent attributes and now also special panels with optical illusions. Blacklights will be provided everywhere. Stroboscopes, flowlights, rainbow, mirror ball, disco lights, colour spots and light tubes will be given a suitable place.
The smoke machine is brought up to temperature. As an extra you can bring dmx-controlled colour scanners and 3-colour lasers and a special light effect in the middle of the hall!

And this without hitting a single nail in the wall. Klutske brings all the necessary tripods and materials. So that you, as an organiser, can enjoy the dancing pleasure of the two.

Already in his teens Ludwig De Backer was involved in youth work.
(Waarschoot, 15-10-1955, 2nd of 13 children)
Meanwhile with friends a music-cabare group founded "kabaretteketetgroepke KLUTS".

As a group leader with large groups of young people to Switzerland. At the end of the holiday period a magnificent show was set up in which Ludwig played a large part and increasingly came to the fore as a presenter.

Meanwhile he followed a mime course at the Hoste-Sabbattini Theatre in Ghent, where he was the central figure in the first children's production
He stood at the cradle of "Theaterkunstkring 77"

Ludwig was 23 years old when he started his theatre training at Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp where he chose the cabaret department. He was taught acrobatics, diction, singing, guitar, piano, acting, solfège, tap dance, fencing, ballet by Lea Daen, François Beuckelaers, Johan Verminnen, Wannes Van de Velde, Hubert Daemen (Witse), Peter Hens (frivolous raspberry), Phil White and many other guest teachers in Belgium and abroad.

Ludwig was at Studio Herman Teirlinck together with Nicky Langley (Mega Mindy's TV mom), Marc Lauwrys (code 37), Karin Jacobs (the real mom of Jelle and Clara Cleymans). But Ludwig chose to start his own children's theatre: "klutske". The first performances were in their own region, but through word of mouth that region became bigger and bigger.

In the beginning everything was still possible in a tiny car. Each time investments were made in bigger and better light and sound material. Meanwhile, klutske is already ready for his fourth, ever larger, van

In the starting year of VTM Ludwig took part in the "now or never show". He was one of the most noticed finalists. He also participated in various VRT programs.
Now Ludwig travels around for over 25 years with his brainchild "klutske". Still with as much 'desire' as ever and you can see that. The whole of Flanders, the Netherlands, France and Germany have meanwhile been able to enjoy the various productions.

Your guarantee of quality!
He was on the most different stages. Even on those in Ronse and Oudenaarde prison. Contacts for Leuven have been made centrally ;-))
Klutske is regularly asked as an interactive DJ at the performances of K3 and the ketnetband.
If you have never organized something with Klutske, please contact us now for the best kids disco, children's party, children's show, children's theatre, creative workshop, children's entertainment, teat party, baby shower, preschool disco, preschool theatre, preschool party, halloween party, carnival party, Sinterklaas party, company party, ..
success guaranteed!

technical sheet:
11 - 15 years
3 hours, possibly shorter or longer
pitch-dark room
klutske brings his own light and sound, DJ and LJ



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The artist is residing in Maldegem

€ 950,-

act price ex 9% VAT

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