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Slackline Show

Stunt show

0,25 hour

Slackline Show
Slackline Show

€ 700,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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Slackline Show

Stunt show

ex VAT

€ 700

Slacklining refers to the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing stretched between two anchors. Slacklining is similar to slack rope walking and tightrope walking.

Price variations:
1 Athlete (up to 15 min) €700.-
2 Athletes (up to 20 min) €1100.-
3 Athletes (up to 25 min) €1800
4 Athletes (up to 30 min) €2200
5 Athletes (up to 30 min) €2800

Transport costs
For both the workshops and demonstrations as rental we ask a total fee of 100 euro if the distance is less than 100 km single track. All extra kilometers is 0,50 euro/km.

You will be offered 3 shows of min. 5 min to max. 30 minutes each, depending on how many sports and athletes you book. You can schedule the times of the shows as you wish. For the shows you don't have to provide anything yourself. The price always includes everything, i.e.: -toequipment and music installation -speaker/mc that verbally supports the show and keeps it alive.
Get insane is a company that focuses on Extreme Sports and is committed to making Extreme Sports known to the general public through all kinds of activities such as demos, workshops and event shows
According to the dictionary, Extreme Sports are sports that involve danger. In other words, don't try this at home. You don't have to with the demonstrations of Get Insane, they do the stunts and so you can stay out of danger
Do you want to try it anyway but in a responsible way? Then try the workshops of Get Insane! Under the watchful eye of a professional you can try your hand at these spectacular sports
Get Insane is a team of 13 Extreme Sport athletes, each with their own expertise, so you will always get an optimal performance or a great workshop
The athletes of Get Insane are:
Iciar - Trail
Nicolas - Parkour
Tim - Monotrail
Maarten - Skate
Dominne - BMX
Gilles - BMX flatland
Joos - Step
Thomas - Slackline
Minne - BMX
Steffen - BMX
Sander - BMX
Stijn - BMX
Kevin - Trial

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0,25 hour






Min 5 by 8 meters for Parkour and Trial Min 30 by 8 metres for all other sports


Artist has rider

The artist is residing in TremeloTravel expenses are based on your event location.

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This act is suitable for event types: Wedding, Birthday, Celebration / Jubileum, Kids party, Student party, Sports event, Business party, Opening, Festival, Shopping / Market, Holiday / Local feast

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Een aanvraag is geheel vrijblijvend!