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Blockchain in retail Raymond ter Horst

Speaker , Economics/Finance
The artist is residing in Soest

€ 1.500

Blockchain in retail Raymond ter Horst
Blockchain in retail Raymond ter Horst
Blockchain in retail Raymond ter Horst
Blockchain in retail Raymond ter Horst

1 (solo) performer

Indoor and outdoor


1 hour

Small stage is sufficient


Trend watcher Raymond ter Horst brings the highly complex information about the Blockchain and Bitcoin to his audience in simple language. The speaker is aware of the latest developments of this revolutionary trend in the retail sector.

Speeches like these usually cost 2000-5000 euros at renovated speakers' offices. Raymond offers this talk as Value4Value
The client decides for themselves what they think the talk is worth. This takes place afterwards. Without hidden agenda
If the client prefers to agree on a price in advance, this is also possible.

Will it be a Cashless Future? Will Bitcoin ever win the trust of its customers? What does the blockchain mean for my orders? How can the blockchain contribute to fairer products? How can fraud be tackled using blockchain technology? How can it contribute to more efficient and cost effective operations?
Raymond is sharp in his analyses and gets his audience thinking about the existing systems. Opportunities and threats of the up-and-coming technology for the retail sector are his specialty. The opportunities it offers for investors are also familiar territory for the speaker.
So have you heard vaguely about Bitcoins? Read about Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies?Do you wonder what the Blockchain is? Would you like to know more about this development that some say is going to turn the entire existing financial system upside down? Raymond will be happy to come and inform you about this technology which is already called Internet 2.0. A technology that has everything to do with daring to let go of existing trusted systems. A technology that can make many processes cheaper and more efficient. But also a technology that can be very risky as an investment.
Raymond brings the keynote "Blockchain in Retail" to organizations throughout the country. The experience he has in training, education, the creative sector ICT and investment ensure that you will be captivated from start to finish. His educational background makes it extra dynamic and pleasantly playful
With this interactive lecture full of personal anecdotes, he takes you into the world of the Nodes, the Miners and of course Satoshi Nakamoto in understandable language. Naturally, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and have a chat with him afterwards.
After this lecture you will be able to form a well-founded opinion about the Blockchain and what role this technology can and should play for you, your business and retail.



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The artist is residing in Soest

€ 1.500,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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