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Farm & Food: Adjiedj Bakas

Speaker , Climate / Sustainability
The performer is residing in Amsterdam

€ 3.995

act price ex 21% VAT

Farm & Food: Adjiedj Bakas
Farm & Food: Adjiedj Bakas
Farm & Food: Adjiedj Bakas
Farm & Food: Adjiedj Bakas

What does the future of Farm & Food look like? Will we still be able to produce everything and will our food still be of good quality? During this presentation about Farm & Food you will find out! Book now the speaker Adjiedj Bakas at ShowBird!

The demand for high-quality proteins alone will double in the coming decades: vegetables, dairy products, eggs and meat. That is why we will have industrial agriculture: on a larger scale, more technologically and more intensively than ever before. And we will also have small-scale organic agriculture for a growing niche market. Expertise from both sides is fading and mixing in the new food industry: Organic meets GMO. Open innovation, co-creation and crowdsourcing are changing the food sector. Genetic modification (which was already applied by the Incas in 16th century Peru) is becoming normal. New plant species are coming out of the lab. We are tackling waste in smart ways. There will be personalized food. And functional foods are on the rise. By 2050, with 65 million fewer cows, we will be able to double the demand. If the whole world is as productive as the Dutch farmer, we will only need a quarter of the amount of farmland

The farmer digitizes and robotizes: drones will soon monitor the fertilization, watering and extermination needs of agricultural areas. From cow manure we make custom-made fertilizer, and phosphates for agriculture are extracted from human urine: pee for food! The combination Food & Health becomes normal. In ten years' time, everyone will be 'on a diet'. There will be foodapps. The countryside will have a new role: for small farms, farmers' romance for city dwellers, part-time living and for meditation and rest. Industrial agriculture will be concentrated near cities or on industrial estates. We will have vertical farms for vegetables, small fruit, fish and livestock. Meat substitutes are on the rise and more people are becoming flexitarians. There will be low-calorie snacks. There will be new packaging and preservation techniques. Now Europeans throw away 50% of the food produced for the European market. In India, 40 percent of food spoils between harvesting and reaching consumers. That will all get better soon. If necessary, we can feed 24 billion people, and in the meantime return farmland to nature.

Duration and price:
- 1 hour
- €3995,- (excl. VAT)

Price & time are indicative! If you are interested, please feel free to apply via ShowBird!



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The artist is residing in Amsterdam

€ 3.995,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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