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Megatrends Work - Adjiedj Bakas

Speaker , Science
The artist is residing in Amsterdam

€ 3.995

Megatrends Work - Adjiedj Bakas
Megatrends Work - Adjiedj Bakas
Megatrends Work - Adjiedj Bakas

1 (solo) performer

Indoor and outdoor


1 hour



Technology has a huge impact on our lives. Technology brings many positive things with it. But what if all our work can be replaced by technology? Book now the speaker Adjiedj Bakas at ShowBird!

The rapid technological innovation that characterises our time comes with pros and cons. One of the disadvantages is that in the short term we will have to deal with increasing unemployment, because software and robots take over a lot of work. It is mainly the middle jobs, for example in administration, that suffer from this. The middle classes, which already suffered greatly from the 2008 crisis, are once again suffering the blows. At the same time, new technology is opening up all kinds of new opportunities, also on a professional level. In this lecture Bakas will present existing and new professions that will give citizens a chance of success in the coming period. There are well-known professions, such as biologist or detective, but also new ones, such as corporate disruptor or chief data officer. The permanent job is on its way back and more and more people are working on a freelance basis. Sometimes they alternate freelance jobs with temporary contracts, something called a 'hybrid employment relationship'. In addition, more and more people will gather their money together through loose chores, something Bakas calls 'hustling'. In spite of everything, Bakas is optimistic about the current developments. In the long run, new technology will ensure that more prosperity is created by fewer people. The future is therefore not so much about everyone working full time, but about a fairer distribution of work and that people have income security and learn to organize their happiness in a healthy work-life balance.

Duration and price:
- 1 hour
- €3995,- (excl. VAT)

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The artist is residing in Amsterdam

€ 3.995,-

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