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The downside of new technology.

Speaker , Future / Trends
The performer is residing in Amsterdam

€ 900

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The downside of new technology.
The downside of new technology.
The downside of new technology.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, robots and all kinds of other new technology is in the news. But will we still have our jobs? What are the consequences of these developments? How do we deal with technology that is meant to disrupt?

We sometimes hear some people shouting in the news: 'Only invest in bitcoins if you can spare the money'. Bitcoins are just a small part of a rapidly developing blockchain technology. Of course, in addition to blockchain technology, we have a rapidly emerging technology called artificial intelligence.

For example, with artificial intelligence you can create a super smart CRM system, but you can also use freely accessible and public algorithms to determine your faith and voting behaviour. Based on your online buying behaviour, your visited websites and of course your social media, the average algorithms know very quickly what your mood is.

Just to start with the parties like AirBNB, Facebook, Tesla (or in fact especially Elon Musk) etc. They are all responsible for a totally new way of doing business. For example, we know from AirBNB that neighbourhoods/residents are starting to complain about the nuisance, but what are the consequences?

In this lecture, I will elaborate on the disruptive consequences and ethical dilemmas of new technology and progressive companies.



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The artist is residing in Amsterdam

€ 900,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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