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Singing group , Rap/Hiphop
The artist is residing in Almere

€ 2.875

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4+ (group) performers

Indoor and outdoor

Singing group

45 min

In consultation.


SMIB is more than just a hip-hop collective. SMIB is a movement that originated in the Bijlmer. They make hip-hop music, design clothes and organize their own parties every year. The members of SMIB make art in the broadest sense of the word, both together and separately. Book this collective now via ShowBird !

With tracks like Yung Bum , Gucci Louis Polo Prada and Drop In, the members of SMIB know how to turn every party into a big mosh pit ! The guys from the BIMS have been on big stages as LowLands , Woo Hah! and SPLASH! (Germany), where they managed to create total chaos on every stage. With their legendary performance at the DWDD they showed the whole of the Netherlands what to expect when you book them. The men from SMIB jumped on the table and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk didn't know what happened to him

You can book SMIB from € 2.875,- (excl. 9% VAT)

In the words of Ray Fuego: 'SMIB is everything'. They design clothes, organize events and make music. The collective was founded in 2014 by the GRGY , KC and Ray Fuego. In an interview with Vice, founder Ray Fuego explains that SMIB is a movement that goes against the current. Ray Fuego also tells that he has felt the urge to be different since an early age. Because he has never stood in the way of this feeling, this characteristic still characterizes his character today and this is reflected in his music. The following years rappers GHQST , Dess Finesse, FOSA YG, Kut Mug and Tads Thots also joined SMIB

In the year 2016 the gentlemen of SMIB started organising their own events, including a festival on the beach of IJburg. SMIB's first album, called BAKUHATSU, was released in the same year and with it the collective achieved many successes. In 2017 they performed at LowLands , Woo Hah! and the German festival SPLASH!

The men also published Het Smibanese Woordenboek in collaboration with writer SOORT KILL. In this book they define their self-invented lingo. If you turn SMIB you get BIMS, street language for Bijlmer, This is where the members grew up. With their music, fashion and actually all creative expressions they try to change the stereotypical image of the Bijlmer.

SMIB tries to educate their listeners on themes such as equality, racism and black awareness. Founder Ray Fuego also started a punk band called Ploegdienst to reach an audience that doesn't like hip-hop. With Ploegdienst he also hopes to inspire and introduce people to SMIB.

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The artist is residing in Almere

€ 2.875,-

act price ex 9% VAT

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