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Ineke Heesterbeek

Wedding official

2,5 hours

Ineke Heesterbeek
Ineke Heesterbeek

€ 492,-

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Ineke Heesterbeek

Wedding official

ex VAT

€ 492

Soon it will be! One of the best days of your life. This special experience of course includes a special wedding official, who knows exactly what is needed on this day. At Ineke Heesterbeek you are at the right address to fulfill this task!

You have wedding plans and in your search for a wedding official you ended up on our website!
Soon the most beautiful day will come, which you are looking forward to and already dreaming of.
An intimate and very personal get-together. Marriage is one of the most special moments in a person's life. This includes a special wedding ceremony that suits you in terms of content, tone and style!
Looking for a committed and very experienced wedding official?
Then you are in the right place with me. Should you have any questions after reading the information? Feel free to contact us.

My name is Ineke Heesterbeek and I enjoy living in Leiden. I have 2 grown up sons.
How other people describe me:
Humour, honest, reliable, good listener, involved
My career:
I am a social worker, have a job and am also self-employed at Heesterbeek Hulpverlening. There I guide people and organise meetings and workshops in the field of adoption, child wish and pink parenthood.
In May 2016 I started as an Extraordinary Civil Servant (Babs).
What is love for me:
Love expresses itself in many forms and ways. A tangible way is to marry each other. It is a ritual where you officially express love to each other and the people around you. That you want to move on with each other. How beautiful is that!
The pink Wedding Officer:
Liede is universal. To get married, it doesn't matter if you love someone of the same sex. Fortunately, since 2001 it has been possible to get married in the Netherlands as a couple of women or men.
I will find it an honour to be able to marry you.
What kind of wedding official am I:
i am an independent marriage official and can be appointed for 1 day in (almost) every other congregation in the Netherlands.
The Ceremony:
The wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, which you will look back on for a long time to come.
I want to prepare the official ceremony together with you, so that it matches your wishes and ideas for this beautiful day. Together we will discuss what you want so that the ceremony will be as personal as possible.
The introductory meeting:
Would you like to have an introductory meeting to discuss the possibilities at the wedding ceremony and to see if you want to continue with me, please feel free to contact me.
With a wedding greeting,
Ineke Heesterbeek

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2,5 hours


Indoor and outdoor


1 (solo)






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This act is suitable for event types: Wedding

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