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Archery Attack junior

Sports/games , Spectacular

2 hours

Archery Attack junior
Archery Attack junior
Archery Attack junior
Archery Attack junior

€ 93,-

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Archery Attack junior

Sports/games , Spectacular

ex VAT

€ 93

Let the archer inside you come up! With this fun innovative game you can do it all. This cross between dodgeball, archery and paintball is fantastic to play, and actually a great success!

A new and exciting children's party: Archery Attack!

Archery Attack is an incredibly cool children's party. You can best describe it as a cross between archery, paintball and dodgeball. Meanwhile hot in America and now also play with us. The advantage of Archery Attack is that the game does not bruise you, but it is just as exciting! Archery Attack is played with real bows and special arrows. The arrows are equipped with a soft foampunt so it doesn't hurt when you're hit and you fight for victory as teams!

How does it work?
Two teams compete for first place. The goal is to eliminate your opponents or hit five goals/targets of the opponent. In the field there are inflatable bunkers behind which you can hide. These also help you to move as strategically as possible across the playing field. Of course you try to hit as many players of the other team as possible with the special arrows.

Perhaps Lasercombat or children's ball is also something for you!

Price, Location and game duration
Price up to 10 children for 1 hour play € 113,- / extra participants € 13,- p.p.
Price up to 10 children for 1,5 hour play € 166,- / extra participants € 16,60,- p.p.
Price up to 10 children for 2 hours € 226,- / extra participants € 22,60,- p.p.
Eating and drinking during your party
Location: Amersfoort (other locations are in consultation)
Duration program:1 - 1,5 or 2 hours
Age: from 10 years

Rules of the game
Participation is allowed with less than 10 children but basic fare remains valid
Outdoor sports insurance a € 1,- p.p. mandatory
One adult companion present throughout the program
Put on old clothes and sturdy shoes, no flip-flops or open shoes!
Your own consumptions are not allowed

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2 hours




1 (solo)




a field or piece of forest (40x40)


In consultation.

The artist is residing in AmersfoortTravel expenses are based on your event location.

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This act is suitable for event types: Kids party, Sports event, Business party, Opening, Festival, Shopping / Market, Holiday / Local feast

0 reviews written about this act


Een aanvraag is geheel vrijblijvend!

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