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Western games Junior

Sports/games , Day entertainment

2 hours

Western games Junior
Western games Junior

€ 143,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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Western games Junior

Sports/games , Day entertainment

ex VAT

€ 143

Immerse yourself completely in the world of cowboys and experience the western spheres near you! During the western games junior there are several games played with a cowboy character. Always wanted to be a real cowboy? Then this is your chance!

Have you always wanted to be a cowboy? Then this activity might be something for you and your friends. The Westerngames are a challenge!

Which parts can you expect:

Arm wrestling: Who doesn't know? "arm wrestling" to see who's strongest?
Beer mug shuffling: Shuffling with a stuffed beer mug, who comes closest to the target?
Hanging jeans: Hang on to the jeans as long as you can!
Cow milking: Who best milks the cow and gets the most milk from the udders?
Horseshoe throwing: Throw the horseshoes around the stakes!

Price, Location and game duration
Starting rate for 10 children € 193,-
Additional persons € 19,50 per person
Eating and drinking at your party
Location: Amersfoort (other locations are in consultation)
Programme duration: 2 hours

Rules of the game
Participation is allowed with less than 10 children but basic fare remains valid
Outdoor sports insurance a € 1,- p.p. mandatory
One adult companion present throughout the program
Put on old clothes and sturdy shoes, no flip-flops or open shoes!
Your own consumptions are not allowed
What do we do in bad weather?

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2 hours






a field (20x20m)


The artist is residing in AmersfoortTravel expenses are based on your event location.

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This act is suitable for event types: Kids party, Sports event, Business party, Festival, Shopping / Market, Holiday / Local feast

0 reviews written about this act


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