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Pilgrimage code

Sports/games , Day entertainment

2,5 hours

Pilgrimage code
Pilgrimage code

€ 242,-

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Pilgrimage code

Sports/games , Day entertainment

ex VAT

€ 242

Do you feel like solving the mysteries of the cities of Amersfoort, Zwolle (or possibly another historic city), and eventually find out about the pilgrim code? Then book this experience via Showbird!

A miracle occurred in the city in the 15th century. The miracle was attributed to Mary and was a reason for many lame and sick people to come to the city for healing.

All these pilgrims have brought a lot to Amersfoort and Zwolle. Not only did it bring the city a lot of income, but it also gave the city a lot of prestige. Many places in the city still remind us of this pious period. However, there is one place that few people know about. And to discover this place, you need a code: The Pilgrim's Code
You are going to do assignments in groups that take place within the old city centre of Amersfoort or Zwolle, where the pilgrims found their salvation. You will be challenged to combine ingenuity and cooperation with cleverness by completing original assignments. Which group knows how to decipher the code and find the place in question? And what is hidden there?

Price, Location and game duration
Starting rate Amersfoort for 10 persons €326,-
Extra persons Amersfoort € 33,- per person
Starting rate Zwolle for 10 persons € 386,-
Extra persons Zwolle € 39,- per person
Other prices on request
Location: Amersfoort or Zwolle, other historic cities on request
Suitable for outdoor use
Programme duration: 2.5 hours

Rules of the game
Price includes guidance and games and excludes catering costs
Participation is allowed with less than 10 persons but basic fare remains valid
Put on comfortable clothing and walking shoes, no flip-flops or open shoes
On request, The Pilgrims' Code can also be played in other historical cities

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2,5 hours






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