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Fort Boyard

Sports/games , Day entertainment

3 hours

Fort Boyard
Fort Boyard
Fort Boyard
Fort Boyard

€ 247,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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Fort Boyard

Sports/games , Day entertainment

ex VAT

€ 247

The Ford Boyard concept will greatly strengthen the bond between friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. By working together, this game will be a huge success, with everyone having a fun interactive day afterwards!

Come and experience the feeling of Fort Boyard! Inspired by the TV series of the same name Fort Boyard, the team building program Fort Boyard offers people with daring, guts and fanaticism a challenging program!

Even the people who master a little less of these qualities can indulge themselves and maybe even overcome some fears!
As a team you will work on each part of the game and earn the keys to the endgame. Which team wins the most keys and which team beats the rest in the endgame? In other words, which team defeats Fort Boyard?

Some of the parts you might come across during the game are:

Handcuffs assignment
Surprising puzzle assignment

Feel and Smell
It's dark. What's in the bins? Find the key

Laser beams
Somewhere hidden in the dark is a powerful laser. With the help of mirrors you have to let the laser shine on the target. But that is easier said than done, because it is stitching dark and you only have one very small light to help you. Communication and cooperation without being able to see each other is of the utmost importance in this assignment!

Build a catapult from the available materials. Which team shoots furthest?

Group fishing
Agility with the team. Fishing for the key

Shoot with a real handbow at your target. Who controls this weapon well?

Brain breakers
Physical assignments are fun, but a smart assignment also belongs to the battle of Fort Boyard

Skill assignment
How deft are you? Do you understand the assignment? Those who aren't strong..

Program sketch (times adjustable in consultation)

- 12:00 Reception with a delicious lunch (Optional)
- 13.00 Receipt and explanation of the program
- 1:30 p.m. Start of Fort Boyard
- 14.30 Pause drink (non-alcohol)
- 3:00 p.m. Continued from Fort Boyard
- 16.00 Joint endgame
- 17.00 hours The prize-giving ceremony
- 18.00 Opening BBQ buffet (Optional)

Price, Location and game duration
Starting rate for 10 persons € 333,-
Additional persons € 33,- per person depending on the location and the filling in
Excluding location costs Fort de Gagel and catering
Location: Utrecht, other locations in consultation
Suitable for outdoor use
Programme duration: 2-3 hours

Rules of the game
Participation is allowed with less than 10 persons but basic fare remains valid
Outdoor insurance € 1,- per person required
Put on sporty clothes and sports shoes, no flip-flops or open shoes.
If you want to play this program on your own location, you can of course. We will gladly make you an offer to play this game at your location.

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3 hours






Field outside


In consultation.

The artist is residing in AmersfoortTravel expenses are based on your event location.

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This act is suitable for event types: Kids party, Sports event, Business party, Festival, Shopping / Market, Holiday / Local feast

0 reviews written about this act


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