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Picobello Party Catering

Food truck

4 hours

Picobello Party Catering
Picobello Party Catering

€ 1.100,-

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Picobello Party Catering

Food truck

ex VAT

€ 1.100

With the 20 years of catering experience of Picobello Entertainment, you are in the right place when it comes to food & drinks. The food of Picobello Entertainment is served with passion at your event!

For your party on location, we are happy to take care of the inside of man by means of cold hot buffet, snacks, appetizers and drinks.
Whether this is in your company hall, showroom, or in a tent, we take all the worries out of your hands.
You can choose from cold/warm buffets, themed buffets or various food stands.
Luxury sandwiches, snacks, amuse-bouche, finger food or tapas.

We can deliver for almost every budget.
Quality, taste experience and care are of paramount importance to us.
We have been providing catering for small and large events for over 25 years.

We supply a mobile bar with tap, refrigerators, and all other necessities such as glassware, plates and cutlery, and possibly all necessary furniture, service, party manager, light, sound, decoration and toiletries.
Nothing is left to chance.
We like to think along with you.

We provide catering at staff parties, company parties, ship cap, openings, opening days, Jubilee, customer days, family days, open house, reception, Christmas drink, wedding, birthdays, events and all other gatherings.

Do you have an event where breakfast, lunch and dinner have to be taken care of? No problem even if it will be several days or weeks.

We have organized many fun events for large and small companies throughout the Netherlands.
Take a look at references to get an impression of the companies we have been working for.

Feel free to make an appointment or request a quote.
In principle everything is possible.


We provide a tropical or a white cocktail bar incl. glassware, fresh fruit, decoration and of course delicious cocktails.
Because everything is well prepared, we can also serve delicious cocktails quickly.

Products 10 cocktail with and 10 without alcohol.

Tequila Sunrise
The ideal mix of sweet and sour with the taste of tequila, lemon and grenadine together with orange juice and cool ice cream.

Long Island Iced Tea
This cool cocktail contains flavors of gin, rum, tequila, lime and triple sec with ice floes and cola.

New Zealand's fruity cocktail with flavours of Blue Curaçao, kiwi, banana and ice-cooled orange juice

California Cool
For lovers of fruit with Australian kiwi, papaya and passion fruit, along with chilled pineapple juice.

Mai Tai
The best of Tahiti with flavors of almond, rum, grenadine, a hint of lime and ice-cooled orange juice.

Swimming Pool
An experience of ripe pineapple and white rum, a hint of Blue Curaçao and a dash of full cream.

A strong cocktail with a taste experience of three types of rum, apricot, lime, orange juice and cooling ice cream.

Movie Star
This delicious combination of strawberry and peach with rum flavour is creamy and full of pineapple.

Sex on the Beach
All tropical flavours in one cocktail, passion fruit, papaya and peach topped with orange juice and pineapple juice.

Piña Colada
The Jamaican special is deliciously refreshing due to its fresh coconut, rum flavour and chilled pineapple juice

The current rate is up to 200 people, but it is also possible to book for 100 people (or less), and up to 300 people.

Price up to 100 persons €787,-
Price up to 300 persons €1936,-

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4 hours


Indoor and outdoor


2 (duo)






The artist is residing in HellevoetsluisTravel expenses are based on your event location.

1-on-1 with the artist

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You have 1-on-1 contact with the artist
or his/her personal manager.
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Pose it in your request for the artist.

This act is suitable for event types: Wedding, Birthday, Celebration / Jubileum, Kids party, Student party, Sports event, Business party, Fair / Congres, Opening, Festival, Shopping / Market, Holiday / Local feast

0 reviews written about this act


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