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Mélancolique Accordéon


1 hour

Mélancolique Accordéon
Mélancolique Accordéon
Mélancolique Accordéon
Mélancolique Accordéon
Mélancolique Accordéon
Mélancolique Accordéon

€ 802,-

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Mélancolique Accordéon


ex VAT

€ 802

Two accordions flirting with each other, challenging each other, bickering and hugging each other. Pearls from the South American and French tradition, dancing on clouds in a world of keys, bellows and sky. Spicy harmonies from the sun-drenched Mediterranean and Caribbean bring Dutch butterflies to mind...

Ministry of SZW: "Compliment for the cooperation beforehand and the quality of the musical presentation during the presentation of the Joke Smit Prize" - I.#####, project manager.

Concerts and sparkling musical accompaniment with mostly own work, with influences from all over the world: not only stimulation of the senses, but also space to get in touch with your own memory or suspicion of simple beauty. Music approached as a Haiku, feeling expressed as sound. This is what these two musicians try to get out of their two accordions in a program with poems, quotes, anecdotes and ...especially music.

Their first CD L'imparfait du Cœur was released in 1998, and was voted the best accordion CD of 1999 by the Swedish accordion magazine Dragspels Nytt. As a result they played at festivals in Iceland and Denmark in the summer of 2000 and 2003. Later followed Germany, Engelenad, Egypt and Norway (2016).
Since 1999 Accordeon Melancolique has given hundreds of concerts. About seven CDs, with many compositions of their own, find their way to music lovers all over the world. Six sheet music collections have been published in the meantime. They are used enthusiastically by musicians and music schools. The appreciation for their music is also shown by its frequent use in films, documentaries, dance and theatre productions, commercials etc.

Nissan Europe N.V.:
"Many expressions of enthusiasm from both journalists and Nissan rep- resentatives. "Accordéon Mélancol- ique" added that extra touch of mari- time flavor and blended in well with the atmosphere on board." T. Holmes, Manager.

*Marburg (D) International Ac- cordeon festival 2012. *10 lunch break concerts in the garden of Castle Middagten, De Steeg for ABN pri- vase banking. *Utrecht Stadsschouw- burg. *London (GB) Concert in Gros- venor Chapel. *Hilversum Town Hall Literary! In collaboration with the writers: Vonne van der Meer, Tessa de Loo and Nelleke Noordervliet. *Amsterdam - During the Book Ball. *Amsterdam - Van Gogh Museum. Friday night concert. * 's-Hertogenbosch concert in Theater aan de Parade. *Enschede Concordia. During tango festival Fiebre del Tango. *Many concerts on the day of Romantic music in Rotterdam.

Performances tailored to the wishes of the client:
* Egypt, during Oranjebal 2013. Dutch Embassy Cairo. * Concert of 20 minutes during the Joke Kool-Smit award ceremony
with Minister de Geus, former Minister de Boer, Noraly Beyer,
president of the Nederlandsche Bank Nout Wellink. NL
* A musical sketch for a congress of complaints officers
in hospitals. With poems, specially written anecdotes. * A mini-concert during a congress on Dune conservation in the
Museon in The Hague

Where else do you hear their music?
* If you see the American movie "Picasso and Braque go to the movies", pay attention to the music. Producer is Martin Scorsese !
* The music at the Vodafone advertising with floating mill.
* Music from the CD "Parade des Poules" has been used for the
IKON TV documentary Oud en der dagen zat.
* Audio tour for visitors of The National park on Ellis Island/
New York, USA, The information on this MP3 player is being erased
cello with music by Accordéon Mélancolique.
* If you go to Paris, there's a good chance that your Accordéon-
Melancolique belongs on the information channel in as many as 50 hotels. * The radio program "The Walking Branch" spent an hour
long attention to music by Accordéon Mélancolique.
And at many documentaries

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1 hour


Indoor and outdoor


1 (solo)




2x3 meters. We always bring our own crutches, we sit a little higher.


Dry or shelter if outside. Acoustic or reinforced, both are possible.

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0 reviews written about this act


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