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'Rondje Den Haag' with Sjors & Co.


2 hours

'Rondje Den Haag' with Sjors & Co.
'Rondje Den Haag' with Sjors & Co.
'Rondje Den Haag' with Sjors & Co.
'Rondje Den Haag' with Sjors & Co.
'Rondje Den Haag' with Sjors & Co.

€ 1.415,-

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'Rondje Den Haag' with Sjors & Co.


ex VAT

€ 1.415

A unique tour & experience through The Hague, given by Sjors & Co! Nowhere else in the Netherlands a comparable tour takes place, like this one that has already been awarded several times for its fun city tour in the Residence!

Experience this unforgettable event for yourself and get in for the Rondje Den Haag!
We hope to welcome you too!


Guests are welcomed by the comic duo Sjors & Co from The Hague
In a playful way your hosts will give a very short explanation about the content of this day. Actually only a welcome, because the rest of the program should remain a surprise.

After the welcome speech the guests are asked to take a seat in the luxury coach, after which the "Rondje Den Haag" really starts. As long as that goes well with Gerrit behind the wheel.


First of all, the journey will take you through the prestigious Vogelwijk (Bird District), where, in addition to retired civil servants, school principals and trendy yuppies, Hagenaars also live under far too high mortgage pressure.

Sjors & Co will uncover the secrets of this district in an impeccable way, where guests can also get to know such a typical inhabitant of this district in person.

Our one and only J.P. van Bockstein the First, I guess that's probably all, explains the many typical habits in this neighborhood flawlessly.

But as said, The Hague has many faces! So the coach moves quickly to the other side of the Laan van Meerdervoort and from now on it is just called bus again.


Slowly but surely we come to the place "to be"; the Schilderswijk. A typical working-class neighbourhood in The Hague that has changed into the multicultural centre of the city.


Where once stood the Pasadenha Passage, the Geste Group has developed a unique shopping area of approx. 6500m2, full of clashing architectural styles and details.

From all over the world, facade parts, ornaments, fountains and other historical materials have been brought and processed here.
In addition, you will be introduced to an English, partly covered passage, a Venetian tower with 36 carillon bells and very exclusive shops
It goes without saying that your hosts Sjors & Co. will introduce you to the entrepreneurs of the Haagsche Bluf in their very own way.


After this we will take you to the place where the Dutch politicians keep their offices; the Binnenhof.

At the fountain a pleasant surprise awaits the guests, when the wanderer Koos Zonderbrug suddenly comes to ask for some euros to make his life a little more pleasant.

Of course Sjors & Co try to get rid of the vagrant, but he turns out to have a beautiful ghetto blaster, that will be singing for the guests!

Under the beautiful fountain we will perform the Hague national anthem "Oh, Oh The Hague".

Now let's hope this doesn't wake up the politicians!
But as you can see, when they are present, the politicians and the present media like to work together with Sjors & Co.


Time for a refreshment, so head for the Plein, where the famous bodega Plein 19 is located.
This bodega is a meeting place for every Hagenaar; from journalist, politician, artist, businessman to chic ladies over sixty!


After an hour, the coach is ready to take guests to the next landmark: the Peace Palace! The place that is internationally known for its demonstrations and we don't want to deprive our guests of that. You will leave the coach and Sjors & Co. will give you a real banner, after which we will hold our own demonstration.

Of course, this picture will be captured on camera. For their willing cooperation the guests will receive a cookie of their own dough after the demonstration: De Haagsche kakker.

While candying we ensure a safe return of the guests and then this fun trip through the Residence has really come to an end
Sjors & Co. wave goodbye to the guests with melancholy, maybe see you at the next round!

Possibly you can dine in a restaurant of your choice after the Rondje Den Haag. The coach will take you to the restaurant, where you can enjoy a drink and a dinner or buffet
Experiences about what the guests have experienced will be exchanged, after all, everyone experiences such a trip in their own way.

Once you're finished, Gerrit will take you back to the pick-up point, after which it will really come to an end.

Round trip The Hague; an experience never to forget!

Attention: Price is indicative! Are you interested or would you like to receive more information about the possibilities and prices, please feel free to contact us

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2 hours


Indoor and outdoor


2 (duo)




Space negotiable.


Rider and requirements available upon request.

The artist is residing in Den HaagTravel expenses are based on your event location.

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