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Breakdance Trailer

Trainer/Workshop , Dance
The artist is residing in Mill

€ 975

Breakdance Trailer
Breakdance Trailer
Breakdance Trailer

multiple performers

Indoor and outdoor


2 hours

+/- 60 m2 with a smooth surface


Learn new moves with the Breakdance Trailer workshop from 4XM! The moves the 4XM dancers teach you will be filmed and then edited into a cool video clip! Book this workshop today via ShowBird!

Workshop Breakdance Trailer: also fun as part of a culture day. At our Breakdance workshop: Trailer is of course the art of breakdance. Participants learn the origins of this special dance form and learn the basic techniques of breakdance in an accessible way. Afterwards, the different moves are practiced and when they can be performed smoothly, they are recorded in a cool video. The participants are captured from different camera angles as they break dance and these images are edited to appropriate music, resulting in a spectacular video clip.

We offer our Breakdance workshop throughout the Netherlands and Flanders, from Barneveld to Leuven. As soon as we know what the specific wishes are (e.g. desired duration, number of participants or the combination with other workshops and/or performances) we can make you a sharp and non-binding price offer.

The workshop Breakdance Trailer is suitable for children, adolescents and adults.

Minimum age: 10 years
Maximum number of participants: 25
From primary school to university
Company party or teambuilding activity
Special education
Bachelor party
Culture Day or CKV Day
Juvenile prison or institution

The duration of the workshop break dance can be tailored to any length, from individual workshop to full day. From our experience we like to think along with you. For our workshops we use a minimum of two hours per day (for example two workshops of one hour).

Our Breakdance workshop: Trailer is fun to participate in, but also very instructive. You will learn how to use your body in an expressive way and how you look on image.
Competencies apply: anticipation, flexibility, creativity, artistry, daring, presentation, physical expressiveness, cooperation and self-confidence.

Attention: in case of several Breakdance workshops one after the other, these should be planned in the same room. Our workshop leader needs to be in the room half an hour before the start of the workshop.
For the participants, preferably, clothes to move in. Think mainly of shoes and trousers, for ladies no skirts or heels. We provide the necessary sound equipment ourselves.



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The artist is residing in Mill

€ 975,-

act price ex 9% VAT

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