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Workshop: Building a Giant Kite

Trainer/Workshop , Spectacle
The artist is residing in Harderwijk

€ 1.450

Workshop: Building a Giant Kite
Workshop: Building a Giant Kite
Workshop: Building a Giant Kite
Workshop: Building a Giant Kite
Workshop: Building a Giant Kite
Workshop: Building a Giant Kite
Workshop: Building a Giant Kite

multiple performers

Indoor and outdoor


3 hours

In Consultation


Book via Showbird a workshop Building a Giant Kite and strengthen team spirit and togetherness with your colleagues!

Depending on your objective for this day, we can dress up the workshop in different ways so that it fits perfectly with your organization. In the Giant kite building workshop you really combine everything that is important to you as a company. This is what it comes down to: Communicating & Creativity & Cooperation & Result.

In this workshop we make groups of, for example, eight to ten people who have to design and build one team pilot together. On the basis of a self-made drawing, tasks can be divided within the group, so that everyone contributes his or her bit to the end result. The kites will be gigantic and must be held by at least two or three people when they go up in the air for the first time! In consultation with you, we can set certain specific requirements for the designs for the Giant Kites, for example that they must have certain dimensions, or that they must be three-dimensional. In this way you challenge your employees to show creativity on the one hand, but on the other hand this has to be done within certain frameworks. Our experience shows that this is an attitude that many organisations would like to develop among their employees. It can also be interesting for you as an employer to see which participants take the initiative in this, for example, or try to bring all parties into line (the different team roles).

What are the costs for a workshop Building a Giant Kite?
For groups up to 60 persons: € 1450,-
From 61 to 149 participants : € 23,95 per person

The moment the giant kite begins to take shape, you also see the enthusiasm of the builders increasing. When the kites are carried outside and take to the air for the first time, you will see that everyone finds it very important that THEY kite can do the highest of all.... We at Take Off find it quite an experience every time to see how these works of art take to the skies under loud cheering and cheering; even applause sounds regularly over the beach! This is the fence of the dam and everyone can feel like a wonderful child again. When you look at the faces of your employees at that moment, you know that this day has certainly been successful.

Suitable for groups of about 25 people or more
Duration between 2 and 4 hours as desired
Very suitable workshop to get more insight in the participants
Possibility to combine with lunch or barbeque
Coloured material can be used as an option

Kite flying Teambuilding Team outing



Hire or book Workshop: Building a Giant Kite is best done here via Showbird.
The artist is residing in Harderwijk

€ 1.450,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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